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New Zealand Bus in Wellington: Dinosaur Attitude to Open Data (opinion)

I have been holding off writing this blog, in the faint hope that someone would be able to convince New Zealand Bus in Wellington to adopt a position deserving of the 21st Century as opposed to the monopolistic behaviour they appear to be displaying. 1,042 more words


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One of my personal projects in dealing with Metlink and Greater Wellington Regional Council is the Real-Time Information system. Over the years, I've come to the opinion that the system is either poorly specified or poorly implemented, but it's hard to imagine that a replacement could happen before 2020, or even a fix before 2017. The system doesn't fit passenger's needs. I'm pleased to see Ian and Hack Miramar pushing for position information to be released for free. It's shameful that NZ Bus would want to hold the position data as a source of revenue instead of letting it be used to promote better service and increased patronage.

About time we HOPped to it, isn't it?

HOP has been in the media again this week, yet we’re still none the wiser as to what’s going on. Word from inside Auckland Transport is there will be an announcement tomorrow, but nothing has filtered through yet as to what that announcement might be. 297 more words

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Are they going to finally HOP to it?

Auckland finally looks set to get integrated public transport ticketing, with NZ Bus being told that enough is enough. You might remember back in February… 251 more words

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Another couple strikes for Auckland Transport - what happened to three and you're out?

Auckland Transport and Britney Spears are best of buddies right now, because Auckland Transport must have Oops I Did It Again playing  in the background of their offices. 1,602 more words

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Auckland's HOP card - The plan has changed

I have having a discussion on Twitter with Snapper’s CEO, Miki Szikszai, regarding Auckland’s HOP card. A comment that came out of this conversation is somewhat confusing, and really does worry me slightly. 740 more words

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Downunder, and a bit to the right...

Look at a globe or atlas and you might think New Zealand is “Downunder”. Strictly speaking, we’re not. That’s Australia. We’re a bit to the right (or east) of there. 376 more words

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Spot the difference

John Key welcomes no pay rise decision.

Bus drivers snub $500 olive branch and what amounts to a 12% pay rise.

Obviously there is a big difference to the current pay rates of MPs and bus drivers. 122 more words