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Tommy Millions (Coffee Deal)

Guys, Tommy Millions on Featherston Street are doing a $2.00 coffee deal between 8am-11am until Friday this week, any size, any style. I had one and it’s pretty darn good coffee – and the weather is perfect for taking your affordable beverage to nearby Midland park for a sip in the sun.

Just a heads up!






骑去哪里?刚好有朋友搭车去下一站会在奥克兰停留几小时,查了查Google map,24公里、骑车需时1小时半,冲吧!

最后花了两小时多才到达目的地,多数时间花在停下看谷歌地图确认方向。还好我早出门,原来她们3人要分开工作了,最小的妹妹要到Hamilton摘蓝莓,刚好赶得上送她上巴士,另外两人则下Te Puke选奇异果。




我试图用手锁紧它,可是没有Allen Key的帮助根本无法真正锁紧它,每骑一段路就松了。这样下去我应该三小时都到不了家吧?

My bike have some problem, do you have Allen key so that I can fix it? 47 more words


Keep Tairua Tidy

I’ve been taking a good look at myself lately. I am making an attempt to change the things I don’t like. Kinda like a makeover! Or more like a make-under, without the makeup, which just covers flaws. 291 more words

New Zealand

NZ.... Oh Wow!!!

We arrived in Christchurch, NZ (South Island for those without a map), unsure of what we’d think with it being a city and all!

We were some what shocked with the devastation from the earthquake some 5 years ago! 1,949 more words


Goat Island coastal walk

Goat Island is only 10 minutes drive from home and the first marine reserve in New Zealand established in 1975. Even though overcast and a little drizzly that day, it was a rewarding, short (45-minute return) walk with a wonderful look out and bench to marvel and ponder at the choppy sea. 24 more words


The things I learned from being a Politics student: a monologue

You are probably ready for a pretentious post about academia and how Politics students are superior. Well, you are correct. Just kidding. But I have had to learn to defend my field of study, especially when I get the reaction of either “Isn’t that really boring?” or “Ha ha, are you going to be a corrupt politician?” The answer to nearly any question about politics is always no. 1,712 more words


Rainbow skink or Copper skink?

I caught this little skink scuttling across my bedroom floor the other day. Native copper skink or introduced rainbow skink I wondered? Well, in suburban Auckland most likely it’s rainbow but the easy way to tell for sure is to look at the… 73 more words