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Kiwi women treated as a minority, victimhood group by Denizen magazine — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

I don’t like being patronised and these days with women having achieved equality I don’t expect to be treated as if I am sub-human or inferior and unable to make my own decisions.

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Why are Fairfax pimping for climate deniers? — The Daily Blog

What the hell do Fairfax think they are doing by allowing a climate denial pimp like Doug Edmeades a platform? The line up of cherry picked ‘fact’s Edmeades vomits up are all the usual bullshit and bluster climate deniers use.

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New Zealand: My Favourite Spots and Highlights

AFTER TWO WHOLE MONTHS of travelling around New Zealand, and sixteen months of living and working there, I am finally in position to sit down and write about the incredible sights and adventures this beautiful country has to offer. 1,663 more words

NCEA: You Can't Win Em All

Results Day: the day newfeeds get inundated by distressed young adults wallowing over their grades through crying emojis, the day calculators are summoned from the dusty depths of forgotten drawers to tabulate whether one has a high enough rank score for their university course, the day the NZQA servers are out of service for longer than McDonald’s soft-serve machines are. 887 more words

Beach Hopping In Hawera

Thanks to our new car, we stopped being hermits! 172 more words