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Bearish future ahead for NZDUSD as resistance holding

In terms of fractal counting, we are in the first wave of a trend continuation. Looking at the longer term weekly and monthly time frames, this pair remains bearish. 114 more words


Update on AUD, JPY, and NZD trading

The fundamental news release really buckled the trend. Anticipation of the Fed rate hike was a disappointment sending the U.S. Dollar tumbling. Why? 232 more words


Forex update 6-Mar-15 through 20-Mar-15

I have not been actively blogging or trading during this time, as I have been focused on a proprietary trading role. I will continue to update this blog periodically when I do make trades, however I will not be trading forex as frequently as I was previously. 62 more words


Hedging with Yen on diverging sentiment

What is your position on the Yen? How about bearish against bulls and bullish against bears? Any JPY trade combination acts as a partial hedge right now, but only if your trade entries make sense. 566 more words


Rounding up and down - the missing coins in NZD and AUD

I still can’t get used to the fact that rounding up or down is not only common in NZ and in Australia, but a necessity. While Australia lacks 1 and 2 cent coins, NZ further lacks a 5 cent coin. 198 more words


Daily forex analysis 16-Feb-15

Two of my open positions were closed as a result of my stoploss being reached, they were by NZDUSD for a loss of 197 pips and my… 60 more words


Daily forex analysis 13-Feb-15

My algorithm opened one new position during the day, this was to buy GBPAUD at 1.98962. I ended the week with three positions open ( 33 more words