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Do you really listen?

Sound is a strange concept when you really think about. We are so oblivious to the meanings of sound as we go through our everyday lives not really paying little attention to what we hear around us, only letting it stay as an annoying background noise unless its a soundtrack we’re listening to on our way to work or having a conversation about someone. 651 more words

MEDA 101

Song of the Day_Unknown Artist - #ff0099 B

And the original song where the got the vocal sample : Laurie AndersonO Superman


Big Science - Laurie Anderson (1982)

Art and music naturally should go together, after all music is arguably the most popular of the applied arts. But somehow in the process of marketing music in the scheme of big business, the art part gets left behind. 478 more words


Perpetual (e)Motion

I first heard about Laurie Anderson listening to an interview with Queen drummer Roger Taylor in about 1987, one of those shows where you get to pick your 10 favourite records*.  961 more words

Record Collecting

The Ones I Rarely Play: Laurie Anderson - "Big Science"

I bought this album in 1982 because of ‘O Superman’, which had originally been played by John Peel, the previous year, after a trip to New York looking for new sounds. 427 more words

Soundtrack Of A Lifetime

Dave Matthews and the Golden Calf

Those of you who read these scholarly posts may have picked up a certain distaste for the gentleman to the left over there.  More than likely you have had one of two reactions: a) you have pumped your fist in the air above your head and cheered me on, or b) you have felt a little sorry for the poor sod, sensed that I am just another merciless critic, hiding behind my computer and loquaciously getting even with all of the pricks in junior high that were more popular than I was (which was mostly everybody if I had to be precise). 899 more words