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Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations

This is interesting. Reading this article to do with Harvey Weinstein brought up weird thoughts on possible identity theft or mistaken identity or previous users of the title “Grand Mother of the O.T.O.” Interesting to me being the Grand Mother of the O.T.O. 31 more words


Email to the Vatican

Gracious thanks for your support of the O.T.O.

By not responding or giving money when asked, you have sold your dead parents and the entire Catholic empire to the O.T.O. 42 more words


ATTACK: U.S. Government (Give Me Money)

Actually do this: continuously attack the government until I get money for my project. I’m not doing any more paperwork and I already sent emails about it. 77 more words


Left Hand Path: Barack Obama

First off: there is a huge review happening right now with electricity and Earth. A lot of the data that has been picked up from scanners, especially from 2012-2015 may have translation errors due to discrepancies with the radar and inconsistent cooperation of electricity. 47 more words


Illegal Immortality

On the hunt for illegal possession of timelessness, or immortal frequencies. Please anonymously report any attempts of timeless frequency to my research group. We will investigate all claims of illegal activity. 34 more words


Viacom vs. Google

A fight to the death! I order a fight to the death. Google versus Viacom. I want the Earth to take note of these two parties hatred of one another. 76 more words

Going Against Social Media

MKULTRA Quarantine

If you’ve studied my situation in Hawaii with the MKULTRA psychic phenomenon, it is quarantined to east Hawaii. Not even on Oahu yet. “No Take Outs.” I’m going to be fact-checking all week. 53 more words