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Using alternate login id without using alternate login id – part 3

Welcome back to part 3 of this not so typical technical article about alternate login id. If you have missed the first two you should start reading them first to fully get my intention behind it. 1,375 more words


Tips to entertain your users while PowerApps gets their data, i.e. loading screens

Depending on where your data lives, it may take a few seconds for that data to display in the PowerApp. There is nothing that drives users more nuts than just staring at a screen as it does nothing, wondering if it’s frozen or broken. 1,128 more words

Office 365

Office 365 - Turning on First Release

  1. Navigate to your Admin center. https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home
  2. Select Settings > Organization Profile   
  3. Edit the Release Preferences.
  4. Select the option for your Release. Next.
  5. Yes, if you would like to confirm First Release for everyone in your organization.
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Using alternate login id without using alternate login id – part 2

In my first part I covered some of the backgrounds of this implementation and ended up with adding an additional SQL attribute store to ADFS. In this part I will explain setting up the database and tables for our alternative alternate login id. 1,289 more words


Microsoft Teams Recap

If you have a customer like me that wants to use Teams in W7 environment, and they want to uninstall Teams in order to know if reinstalling solves the problem, you will face that is not possible to uninstall Teams “easyly”, because the program is not shown in Control Panel and thus the user won’t be able to uninstall Teams. 122 more words


Using alternate login id without using alternate login id - part 1

When you are working with complex Active Directory environments that have been more or less grown uncontrolled, it is always a challenge to move your workload to the cloud. 1,387 more words


Are you still thinking in Distribution lists?

Working with a lot of customers, allows me to see a lot of different things and how comapnies work. I still see some confusion about O365 groups and the traditional distribution lists in Exchange. 212 more words