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OAuth, o365 APIs and Azure Service Management APIs – Using Them All Together

I’ve been spending some time lately fooling around the o365 API’s. Frankly, it has been a hugely frustrating experience; I’ve never seen so many documentation gaps and examples and sample code that didn’t work, to flat out wouldn’t compile in a long time. 3,217 more words

Using ADAL Access Tokens with o365 REST APIs and CSOM

Many fine folks were generous enough to point out to me this week that you can now (actually since June’ish I’m told) use an access token you get from ADAL in conjunction with the o365 APIs to use ALSO with the SharePoint REST API as well CSOM. 2,141 more words

OneDrive for Business Browser Using o365 APIs

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently talking to different partners and customers about building applications using the Apps for Office and Apps for SharePoint platforms. 4,650 more words

OneDriveBrowser and o365 APIs with A Custom Persistent Store for ADAL Token Cache

In this post I’m going to briefly cover a custom token cache that I wrote for use with ADAL. The implementation itself is pretty straightforward from a coding perspective so I will just highlight a few of the basics. 1,412 more words

Fixing the Provided App differs from Another App with the Same Version and Product ID Error in Office 365

I started hitting this little gem of an error recently and was ready to pull out the little remaining hair I had, when a very kind Program Manager named Jim S. 437 more words


Sen Sys Eng / Architect - get #O365 #AWS #storage - London - to 60K + bonus, please RT

Several significant advantages to this job opportunity:

– If you have core Microsoft stack/infrastructure skills plus ‘good’ VMware then you will gain skills in other area’s, e.g. 160 more words