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Is TypeScript worth the bother for SharePoint JavaScript snippets?


With the SharePoint Framework and other JavaScript Frameworks (React, Angular, VueJS) all the rage, and Typescript (and Babel) bringing C#-like capabilities to JavaScript … does it still make sense to write “raw JavaScript” (ES5) for SharePoint customizations? 3,423 more words


SharePoint Permission Tips for Site Owners

If you grant SharePoint users the Full Control permission level in a SharePoint site this gives them the ability to administer their own site, including permissions. 1,026 more words


How to setup MAM for Windows 10 (1703)

What is Mobile Application Management (MAM):

It is a lightweight management solution for BOYD devices. MAM protects company data on a unmanaged device. MAM extents data management to applications configured with a MAM policy in Microsoft Intune while the devices is self is managed. 379 more words

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2 Guys and SharePoint - Episode 28

After 27 episodes, we realized that we haven’t really covered the science and theory behind what we talk about every week, Enterprise Information Management. So, EP28 is dedicated to dissecting what makes up EIM and how it applies to what we, AND you do. 17 more words


PowerShell and CSOM:Tool to Import Design Package WSP for SharePoint Online O365


O365- SharePoint Online : This tool is responsible for activating the madatory features for any site other than Publishing and Installing or Upgrading the WSP Solution. 201 more words


Seven steps to build and deploy SPFX web part to SharePoint

  1. Install Node.JS

Use this link to install Node.JS https://nodejs.org/en/

  1. Install yeomen and gulp

CMD>npm install –g yo gulp

  1. Install SPFX generators

CMD>npm install –g @microsoft/generator-sharepoint… 58 more words