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Oldies’ Adventure, Singapore 2014: Helix Bridge, Esplanade

After our mini pictorial at the Marina Bay Sands, we move on to the Helix Bridge. As the name implies, it is a bridge wrapped inside a “DNA helix”. 98 more words


Oldies’ Adventure, Singapore 2014: Marina Bay Sands

I’m working on my backlogs, so bear with me. Haha! It’s been a busy year so I haven’t written much lately. Anyway, let me complete this travel series. 190 more words


Early detection of osteoarthritis via blood test in sight, says study

The first blood test for early-stage osteoarthritis could soon be developed; say researchers who suggest the biomarker they have identified can detect the painful joint condition before bone damage occurs.



Pathfinder Update 2

Time has flown by since our last update, and the open access landscape has moved on too! We’re now just over a year away from the date at which… 899 more words


The Battle for the Open [Needs YOU Higher Ed]

If you have not had the chance to read The Battle for the Open by Martin Weller – you should. The battle for all things open in higher education is still being waged. 743 more words

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Are You Balanced?

“Are you balanced?” Our instructors at last week’s Tai Chi workshops asked us that time and time again.  In the moment, it meant if we felt we were balanced in our bodies.   735 more words

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CPF Minimum Sum: How To Earn $17,376 In 7 Minutes

CPF Minimum Sum: How to earn $17,376 in 7 minutes! (NB: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.)

Read on if…

  1. You have excess amount in your CPF Ordinary Account &
  2. 325 more words