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I will never graduate from recovery

Last week I heard a podcast hosted by a popular doctor who has a respectable knowledge of  12 Step programs.  She had a caller who said she’d been attending meetings but didn’t really believe she would always be an alcoholic.    501 more words

12 Step

A Recovery Tale

Once, there was a Being, our Friend, shining brightly. It frolicked and played, reveled and mourned. It lived – pulsing light from its Inner Source. 775 more words

The Zamarons Create The Star Sapphire Ring

This is a huge turning point for the Zamarons and their Star Sapphires. Creating a ring instead of using the gem to take over human hosts makes the violet light easier to wield. 32 more words


Overeaters Anonymous.

I had started a blog this morning titled “Without my past, who am I?” I never finished it.

While cleaning out a drawer of miscellaneous things, I found this book I’ve stashed away but owned for a while now, called For Today. 673 more words

The Start

I didn’t so much choose to return to OA as much as I was given a good hard (mental) shove in the right direction. I had slept for 24 hours after a 48 hour absence of sleep, plus a night shift at work. 556 more words

Food Addiction