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Walking the Perimeter

Yesterday, I had to go up to the north shed for a bit, so I decided I’d enjoy the unusually warm weather before we return to winter tomorrow. 172 more words


Another family meal

Today’s guest picture finally reveals Bruce’s horses in all their beauty.  They are the Kelpies at Falkirk  and well worth a visit if you haven’t seen them yet.  558 more words


Almost Blown Away


James, of Peacock Computers, visited to examine the iMac, and took it away to restore it to working order. 290 more words

Cold morning

Cold morning, chattering teeth
Body bundled in layers
Sun shines shedding the warm ups, sweaters
We go to acorn to oaks, planting project
In a public park… 6 more words

tree branches this morning

my view out the kitchen window on a windy morning


Oak Wilt: What You Should Know

First off, why should you care about Oak Wilt?  It’s a rapidly occurring, life threatening disease that has been identified in areas as local as Brooklyn and Long Island. 442 more words

The Tree at the Top of the Field

The tree at the top of the field is in view from the window where I usually sit in our house. It has been part of the scenery for many years, a native oak clothed in ivy, standing proud in the otherwise tidily cut field boundary. 173 more words

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