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O is for Oak Aphids

Okay, folks, we know it’s a stretch, but we are downright desperate on some these letters. You’ve seen aphids your garden plants, like these…

Different aphids suck the juices of different plants, including oak leaves. 204 more words

Backyard Habitat

White Cap Oak

It feels surreal, but we are taking the first step in getting our home updated to sell in the coming year or two. If you’re a huge Wayfair fan like me, then chances are you shopped their giant Way Day sale last week. 329 more words


#365daysofbiking Long live the King!

April 15th – At the end of February, I was sure I would never see this fine gentleman again, for it seemed the flat where Sam, the elderly, toothless and thoroughly grumpy Kings Hill Park cat lived had been vacated. 194 more words

Old Oak Bridge by Melissa Myers

Weathered oak planks graying and cracked
Rusted steel girders overgrown with twisted vines
The quiet rush of the river running underneath us
We sneak away and meet there… 139 more words

Blog Posts

#365daysofbiking Welcome snowflakes

April 4th – A break in the rain, and I made a dash for it, mostly avoiding getting too wet, but oh my goodness it was cold. 69 more words

First Restoration Project

When we bought the house one of the items left behind was an old school? bell on a wooden plinth. It was painted green, like a lot of the woodwork in this house and garden is, and was decidedly the worse for wear having been sat outside for a while it seemed. 214 more words


Walking the dog and Autumn.

Our Manchurian pear-tree

The weather is getting to the benign state of allowing daily walks in comfort. The hot blue skies and simmering asphalts have finally given way to soft rain with dove-grey clouds keen to welcome an honest autumn. 504 more words

Gerard Oosterman