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Swedish Fall nature

Swedish Fall nature is a colorful show. Just look at this.

Calluna, Scots pine, Quercus robor (oak), Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan), Juniperus communis

I like Fall, but I don’t like that Summer is almost over. 54 more words

What Ever

CB&W: Trees

They huddle beneath the sheltering branches, hidden from view by tangled growth. Soon they’ll have to move – their pursuers won’t have given up so easily – but for now they sleep in restless slumber, recovering their strength for the struggle ahead. 112 more words


Ginko 5

listening to leaves

a stand of old oaks

in breezy meadow


rippling pond

a water snake

glides through waves


heavy downpour

squirrels shelling nuts

in canopy


Oak Tree Trilogy Part 3 – Buddy’s Oak and Dad’s Question | The Balsamean

Trees get so much attention in this drifting journal, The Balsamean, because they are easier to write about than people are, and trees often make better friends than most people do, and the tree fa… 17 more words

The Balsamean


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An inventive and unnerving play. By turns dark and disturbing, it tells the story of eight very different people in a not too distant future. 22 more words

Most Intriguing Games of 2016

Note from Shahzad:  Welcome to Omar Abdelkader’s new column “Oak is typing…” where Oak will randomly provide his thoughts on all things BMuz. As always, you can ask him for the… 938 more words

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Creative Chemistry 103: Distress Crayon Watercolor Resist

Creative Chemistry 103 explored another way to use Distress Crayons as a resist.  The interesting thing is that one of the ways you can apply the crayons is as watercolor paint but after the crayons are dry, they can function as a resist against Distress Ink so you can ink right over the image and add water as you would to many Distress Ink techniques without it reacting to the image. 10 more words