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Reproduced-Reproduced Colonial Side Table - White Oak - 2016

Some where along the way my father acquired a book optimistically named “Colonial Furniture Making for Everybody”.  As far as I know it is the only woodworking book he has ever owned.   196 more words

Dovetail Joint


Passion in the daylight is a precious thing to have

Behind closed doors we can only see them writhe

In tune with each passing thought… 64 more words



Oak essential oil is only used as a fragrance, and is not known to have any therapeutic benefits. However, here are some of the qualities of Oak essential oil used for perfumery, taken from mefragrance.com. 66 more words


Oak-Aromatic Properties and Uses

Fragrantica.com Fragrance Note: “Oak”

It is worth noting that the Davidson College Arboretum is home to at least five different species of Quercus. However, only one of the five listed on the Arboretum map are ever used in the production of Oak essential oil, which is used as an ingredient in perfumes and other fragrances. 150 more words

Aromatic Properties And Uses

Oak-General Information

Fragrant species on Davidson Campus: White Oak

Other common names: none

Family: Fagaceae

Genus: Quercus

Species: alba

Range: Native throughout the eastern United States. It ranges from southern Quebec to northern Florida, and from the Atlantic coastline to about the Mississippi River (although it does not thrive in the low Mississippi Delta region or Gulf coast areas). 187 more words

General Information

One of Nature's Mysteries to Solve

Hey there!

With the effort of completing our Blogging From A to Z Challenge, I–Hickory squirrel–considered skipping out on today…but couldn’t let you down. Also, it’s an anniversary for this column! 136 more words

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