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Thunder Oak Necklace

Brand new in my shop (just listed this afternoon), this striking necklace (um, no pun intended) would make a fitting talisman for devotees of An Dagda, Thor, Zeus, Jupiter, or any other deity to Whom the oak tree is sacred; it would also be quite suitable for modern Druids, or for Wiccans to wear in honor of the Oak King (who reigns during the light half of the Wheel of the Year). 356 more words


Work Tomorrow, Yippee!

My doctor has finally agreed to allow me back to work, for light duties only, but back to work none the less. It has been a long time coming. 457 more words


the bookcase #6

fighting snipe – one board at a time

For those who don’t know, snipe is a deeper than desired cut a wood planer sometimes makes at the leading and trailing end of a board as it passes through the planer.  1,038 more words