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She called the #OaklandPD for help, a #DeathSquad arrived and killed her brother

It was a shameful and callous death — carried out by the very authorities Biocini called for help when she heard noises coming from her brother’s bedroom that made her think an intruder was trying to get into her house. 61 more words


Analysis: Oakland Police Department's New Strategic Plan

Oaklanders who attended the Make Oakland Better Now! Ceasefire Summit heard some mention of the Oakland Police Department’s new “Strategic Plan.”  This plan, posted on OPD’s website with no fanfare on December 31, replaces the previous strategic plan, issued by former Police Chief Anthony Batts in 2010—and not heard of again after Chief Batts left the department in 2011. 888 more words

Public Safety

Important Public Safety Committee meeting on gun control

On Tuesday, December 15, the Oakland’s Public Safety Committee will consider new gun control measures that will ban the possession of large capacity magazines and require the safe storage of firearms. 458 more words

City Council

For the @OaklandPoliceCA, being black a good enough reason to bust someone

Police in Oakland disproportionately stop and search African American pedestrians and motorists under the parameters of “reasonable suspicion” — a vague legal standard that can amount to little more than an officer’s hunch. 131 more words

Sacramento Update

Understanding OPD's New $1 Million Gun Tracing Plan

Last week, the Public Safety Committee met to discuss the Oakland Police Department’s $1 million spending plan to reduce gun violence and trafficking over the next two years. 511 more words


Mayor’s State of the City Address: What the Mayor Said About Safety, And What We Think

As many Oaklanders have heard, Mayor Libby Schaaf gave her first State of the City Address last week at City Hall. You can watch the full… 1,374 more words