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The New Digital Divide Surrounding Me

The digital divide is no new concept to me. By now, I have heard about it in quite a few of my classes and have written about it enough to know my way around a conversation. 364 more words

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Digital Media & Technologies Policy Recommendation: A PSA Campaign

Who/ What/ Why? 

Kendra Gill, Emmitt Lewis, Eric Sinks, and Ethan Fogle. This project called for four pretend Common Sense Media ‘researchers’ to look into the effects of digital media use and eventually come to make a policy recommendation for users and future users to come. 3,947 more words

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Organic OU

“Organic OU” is a documentary on the Student Organic Farm at Oakland University. This documentary features the founder, workers, and volunteers of the Organic Farm. The main focuses here is why it is important for campuses to have organic farms and why the Organic Farm is important to have at Oakland University. 22 more words

OU's Orphan Relief raises funds for Ghanaian students with charity basketball game

Oakland University’s Orphan Relief chapter organized a basketball game with Nolan Elementary-Middle School on March 24 to raise funds for their year-long project to sponsor 21 Ghanaian students to attend school for free. 470 more words


Anna J. Palm - New Path

My name is Anna J. Palm and I’m a writer, painter and martial artist.

In May 2015, I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts; my major was creative writing and journalism my minor. 262 more words

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Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence MLK April 4th, 1967

April 4th was the anniversary of the day that Rev. Martin Luther King gave his “A Time to Break Silence” speech at Riverside Church in New York City. 363 more words

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Writing and Editing

Instructed to write about a decisive moment in our lives that changed the direction we were originally going into a completely different one, five minutes was put onto my phone timer and my fingers began to type. 1,552 more words

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