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Are All These Sources Worth It?

In our class for Writing 160, here at Oakland University, we are working on one large project essentially through out the whole semester. Could you ever guess on what that project could possibly be for our writing class?…You guessed it, a video! 644 more words

College baseball team scores three runs on one pitch thanks to an embarrassing series of errors

Oof. We all make mistakes, but this string of errors that Oakland University’s baseball team managed to pull off in a game against the University of Illinois-Chicago is just downright impressive. 69 more words


The ex files: Remaining friends may reveal psychopathic traits

Staying friends after a break up may seem like the mature thing to do — after all, you shared an important part of your lives together, why write them off completely, especially if they make the first move? 354 more words


Can Faith Be Rational?

What is a fact, and are there different kinds of it? Merriam-Webster dictionary states that a fact is “something that truly exists or happens : something that has actual existence : a true piece of information.” Many people claim evolution to be just as much of a fact as 2+2=4; but is there a difference? 569 more words

Blog Post #1

Prior to being enrolled in Writing 160 I have completed Writing 150 at Oakland University additionally I have taken a multitude of other english, writing, and compositions classes while in high school. 421 more words

Former Oakland University Basketball Player Hurt In Brussels Attacks Says Recovery Going Well

ROCHESTER, Mich. (AP) — Former Oakland University basketball player Sebastien Bellin says he expects to return to Michigan in two or three weeks and his recovery following the March bombings at an airport in Brussels is ahead of schedule. 127 more words


Terry Foster: Saddi Washington Is Key Cog To Get Recruits To Michigan From Detroit

By Terry Foster

When Drew Valentine injured his knee in football as a senior at Lansing Sexton High School many coaches recruiting him for basketball backed off. 616 more words