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One Song/Three Versions - Wonderwall

Note – a short while back I wrote a post about a jazz-rock ensemble from the Seventies called Dixie Dregs. I had a feeling they might get back together again for a brief tour. 500 more words


One Lovely Blog Award #2 - Music Edition

I was nominated by TheOrangutanLibrarian for the One Lovely Blog Award. I admire the way this award was done as a “music” edition, and because I’ve done this award before, I thought I’d stick with the music edition and share 7 musical facts about myself. 642 more words


It's not your fault

Sometimes we do feel like we have something wrong in your head. We all have phobias but it’s okay.

What do you think? That God made us all perfect? 357 more words


Concerts I Wish I Could've Been At: Part 2

Oasis – Live in Manchester, Manchester (2005)

The brothers Gallagher and the rest of Oasis ignited their home town of Manchester with a 15 song set… 234 more words