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Snacking with self-made oat-pumpkin cookies, covered with a spoonful of peanut butter. And a fig :)


Easy Oat Cookies

These oat cookies are so easy to make and are quite filling too.  When I am looking to make something quick to fill up the tins this is the recipe I go too.  147 more words


Ever since I went vegan I’m really on top of my food game. I’m always prepared for any occasion where I might need food.

Especially when it comes to work. 237 more words


Carrot Cookies with Pecans and Maple

Ok, I think I’ve had a cookie overdose after a full week of cookie manducation!
I baked and baked and baked and ate and ate…until I was content with flavours, textures, and the appearance. 480 more words


Healthy Vegan Oat Cookies

Before I start, let me just say that this recipe has only 2 INGREDIENTS. That’s right, you heard me, TWO INGREDIENTS!



Fiber-Rich Vegan Cookies

I love cookies but they are usually too high in calories and sugar. So if I want to reduce the intake of refined sugar, and I do want to, I’d better find a healthier alternative. 492 more words

Healthy Living


I love the term ‘Sunday is baking day’. Sunday is such a typical day for baking, especially when you have little kids. It’s the perfect occasion to learn them how to bake. 336 more words