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What In The Name Of Cripes Is Porridge, Anyway?

Considering we eat porridge every morning (with wheatgerm, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and a chunk of butter) you’d think Professional Moron would go on about it all the time. 331 more words


A Pocket Watch

I bought this wreck of a watch from ebay. The name Halliwell caught my eye, as it appears on Minnie’s family tree. The tree is extensive by now, linking many Dewsbury families. 415 more words


For The Spreading Laurel Tree

William Butler Yeats with his son , Michael , and Daughter , Anne , in the grounds of Thoor Ballylee, Ireland.

A PRAYER FOR MY DAUGHTER… 887 more words


Cereal Bars

So many people buy and eat cereal bars because they believe them to be healthy. To a degree they are but as with all home baking , the truth can be very different. 81 more words


Reflection Rambling Entry 4: Better Than Death

We had discussed “Tick” by Joyce Carol Oates, a thick packed short story, maybe even flash slice-of-life fiction, in class today. As the class debate went on, many agreed it had undertones of some trauma, however, a few rejected the notion the husband was abusive and marked her up as over reactive. 324 more words

Reflection Rambling