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Chapter 4: Please, No More

The several weeks between posts about my thesis should suggest that I am done with writing, at least for the moment. I’ve sprouted four chapters of around 11 000 words each, and I just don’t have that many words left to give. 614 more words



Out of black, first fox appeared
Eyes neared legacy of Oates
Old Henry’s steel chamber negates need for coats
in cold of questions feared

Suggestions of tears soon enter… 36 more words


Musical Monday

Yes I know, two Garfunkle and Oates in a row but come on, this is good stuff!  This has never happened to me personally (I’ve only been Go Karting twice, first time I hurt my ankle very badly and second time I accidentally exacerbated a concussion I was unaware I had – oops) but any woman who claims they’ve never been sat somewhere or moved suddenly and found themselves briefly in a similar situation.   30 more words


Musical Mondays

I love Garfunkle and Oates – they’re hilarious but often inspirational.  This tune also makes a great alarm tone for the mornings!


What In The Name Of Cripes Is Porridge, Anyway?

Considering we eat porridge every morning (with wheatgerm, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and a chunk of butter) you’d think Professional Moron would go on about it all the time. 331 more words


A Pocket Watch

I bought this wreck of a watch from ebay. The name Halliwell caught my eye, as it appears on Minnie’s family tree. The tree is extensive by now, linking many Dewsbury families. 416 more words