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Oaths in 'Don Quixote'

In the book, Don Quixote, an old man in the 16th century became obsessed with tales of chivalry and knight-errantry. He eventually abandoned his family and his estate to pursue his delusion of being a knight, vanquishing evil and winning the love of his lady. 364 more words


​the girl with the beret on the bus ... ... ...

​the girl with the beret on the bus … … …

i saw at the bus-stop on a bitterly cold winter morning, her beret tilted to the side. 362 more words

Scribbled Verse


​she said that she had seen them all.

the promise-makers, the vow and oath-takers, the silken tongued smooth talkers, the quiet intense brooders.

she asked me if I could love her. 18 more words

Scribbled Verse

Oaths of office, integration and the politics of swearing

I have written a blog post on the History Today website placing recent proposals regarding an ‘integration oath’ for migrants and new ‘oaths of office’ for public officials in historical context. 13 more words

On oaths

The government may make new British citizens swear an oath of allegiance to “British values”. In my Christian youth we used to argue about whether it was right to swear an oath, even in court. 303 more words


When Paul visited Jerusalem for the last time the Jews started a riot in the temple that led to his arrest by the Romans.  The Romans brought him before the Jewish council for trial and he was acquitted.   902 more words

Bible Study

of your youth

What colors
What flowers
What oaths
What wings in hearts and on eagles

What souls
What yeas
What nays
What presence of light and of shadow