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Keep It Simple, The Teachings of Joshua

Teaching 05.  Don’t use oaths, whether ‘by heaven’ or ‘by earth’ or by anything else. When you say yes or no let it be plain ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 44 more words


Hollow Title After

A name on a list
Cypher dust
Oracle accumulation

(You failed to keep your bargain)

A fence in a field
Jaybird bone
Ruin divination

(You vetted a dishonest man) 28 more words


FIGHT! G*d Damnit!

ASM826 (who continues to write on the Borepatch blog! :-)) has written a couple of recent posts regarding fighting back.

I commented on one that ‘we’ have been taught for a couple of generations now to NOT fight back. 253 more words


The Supreme Court Stands...

for nothing, apparently.

The supreme court refused to hearJackson v. City and County of San Francisco. After Heller and McDonald, they don’t seem very willing to take on many more gun rights cases.

85 more words
'everything That's Old Is New Again'

Swear Not At All...and the Unspoken Exceptions

No oaths. No promises. No swearing. Just you at your word.

An oath is swearing or making a promise about something, whether it be made to or by God, or man. 9,500 more words


"The Wisdom of Simple Truth" (sermon on James 5:12)

“Cross my heart and hope to die…”  “But I had my fingers crossed…”  “I swear on a stack of Bibles…”  When we were growing up, probably most of us felt the need to have some way of emphasizing that we were telling the truth—or excusing ourselves when we weren’t.  244 more words

Sermon Audio

Be careful big mouth what you say

A children’s song reminds the kids to be careful where they let their little feet go, what they let their little hands do, what they let their little ears hear, their little eyes see, and their little mouth say. 149 more words