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Existential Crises, Ridiculous Oaths, and a Book Giveaway

We’re now less than three months away from the official release date of my novel All the Ugly and Wonderful Things! August 9th has gone from seeming impossibly far away to terrifyingly soon. 568 more words


The Performing of Oaths

The most common thing thought of when the word oath is brought up in conversation is either cursing, as in profanity, or by putting your hand on a Bible and swearing to tell the truth in a court of law. 1,424 more words

Does Jesus Ask The Impossible?

Jesus promises that he came not to abolish God’s written word, but to fulfill it. This announcement is important because his interpretation of Scripture is strikingly different from what is commonly taught and thought (see Matthew 5:17-48). 686 more words


Week 02: The First Oath

I stand before the Three Kindred
and declare myself to be a seeker of the Old Ways
of The Shining Ones, The Spirits, and The Mighty Dead. 185 more words

First Oath

Common Communication Blunders

Perhaps you are wondering, what are communication blunders? Well, let us first know what communication is by asking this questions: What is communication? What is a blunder? 723 more words

Sunday's Text 4/24/16

This Sunday at North Aiken Church of God I will continue to preach through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). I am spending this week working through Matthew 5:33-37. 123 more words

North Aiken Church Of God

Oaths and Duties (S4 E9&10, S5 E1&2)

A duty is an obligation or part of a position that one is expected to carry out without being asked, while an oath is something that you promise to an individual or group that you will be carrying out because of your own will. 650 more words