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“I pledge Allegiance”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Pledge Allegiance.”

Are you patriotic? What does patriotic mean to you?

The word “patriotic” sends my thoughts to a time during my childhood where the foundation to understand and appreciate the words’ pledge, oath, honor, and being patriotic were developed. 67 more words


Sermon on the Mount: On Taking Oaths

This week’s reading concerns oath-taking (Matthew 5:33-37).


I will begin this reflection with footnotes related to these verses. I am reading from the New American Bible. 410 more words

Reflection Series

CTT | 'Yes' or 'No' should suffice

This week we are hoping to get back to our weekly posting schedule. I’m particularly looking forward to our Gospel Wednesday reading through the Gospel According to Matthew. 1,884 more words


Some Facts About An Oath Of Allegiance To A Country

The Facts About An Oath Of Allegiance To A Country

(Originally posted at AmericanHerald.org)

Dear Readers,

There have been many negative rumors about taking an oath or affirmation to a particular State or to a country. 520 more words

Commentary / Opinion

July for Loki 2015: Day 7

Over the last two days, I’ve looked at Loki’s relationship with Sigyn, and with His parents Laufey and Farbauti. Today, I’d like to look at His relationship to Odin. 750 more words

Oaths that define a political regime

All regimes have loyalty oaths for citizens and those who work for the regime. These oaths are important political symbols as they explain what the regime holds most dear. 3,190 more words


Oaths and Hellenic Polytheism

Here’s my short essay on oaths. If you find anything that needs correcting please contact me.

Oaths Defined

An oath for the purposes of this essay is defined as a statement of fact sworn upon, ‘the head of Zeus’ or upon the River Styx*. 1,193 more words

Hellenic Polytheism