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Day 16 Vegan.

Today was all about haircuts, visiting Granny B and returning my Dad’s car to him.

What I’ve learned today is that my wife cannot be responsible for ensuring my oatly is packed in the car. 86 more words

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The struggle is real!

Day 15 vegan.

The battle continues. Operation oatly in full swing.

I truly believe these sneaky supermarkets to be operating some conspiracy theory surrounding the procurement of oat based frothy milk. 444 more words

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F*ck you Waitrose!

The battle of oatly barista continues. Waitrose has been promising a delivery for a week…and today, they’ve discontinued it! Arghhhh!

They have every form of plant milk known to man…but have stopped that? 134 more words

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Day 14 Vegan

I can honestly say that this journey, over the last two weeks, has been pretty easy. I don’t know whether that’s because I’ve been a vegetarian for so many years, so really just cutting out dairy, eggs and honey additionally. 257 more words

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Let's talk about CSP. Let's talk about oats in tea. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be...

Day 12 vegan!

To me, being a vegan is about much more than diet. In fact, what I eat is only a tiny little part of this entire lifestyle for me. 635 more words

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Upcycle before recycling

Nowadays whenever I’ve finished a yogurt, a smoothie, some juice or my oat milk I see a chance, not to recycle but, to create some pots for my seeds! 78 more words

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Dairy Free Low Syn Creamy Salmon & Prawn Spaghetti | Slimming World

Creamy pasta is right at the top of my favourite things to eat – it’s just the ultimate comfort food for me. Finding a way to still be able to eat this dish without using dairy AND not breaking the syn bank has been something I’ve been thinking about for weeks. 322 more words

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