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No buy week - day 4 dinner!

I wanted to use the tofu I had in the fridge for today’s dinner, and ended up making tofu and chickpea curry! Super easy but very tasty. 122 more words


Creamy sausage pasta

We’ve just got back to the UK and were pleasantly surprised to find that Tesco now have even more vegan options. The first thing we saw was… 177 more words


Product Review: Oatly

Hey pals, welcome to the next edition of my ‘Product Reviews’ series! I’m looking forward to trying out new vegan-friendly products (you guys, it feels like there are new fun things for us to eat being bought to market all the time right now!) and spilling the tea, but to start I wanted to share with you my A-Team. 740 more words


Day 16 Vegan.

Today was all about haircuts, visiting Granny B and returning my Dad’s car to him.

What I’ve learned today is that my wife cannot be responsible for ensuring my oatly is packed in the car. 86 more words


The struggle is real!

Day 15 vegan.

The battle continues. Operation oatly in full swing.

I truly believe these sneaky supermarkets to be operating some conspiracy theory surrounding the procurement of oat based frothy milk. 444 more words


F*ck you Waitrose!

The battle of oatly barista continues. Waitrose has been promising a delivery for a week…and today, they’ve discontinued it! Arghhhh!

They have every form of plant milk known to man…but have stopped that? 134 more words


Day 14 Vegan

I can honestly say that this journey, over the last two weeks, has been pretty easy. I don’t know whether that’s because I’ve been a vegetarian for so many years, so really just cutting out dairy, eggs and honey additionally. 257 more words