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Not Goat Milk. Not Oatmeal: Oatmilk. 

As of this past week, we swapped out almond milk for the delicious, nutritious, and sustainable oatmilk. Not goat milk, not oatmeal. Oatmilk. 

What is Oatmilk?
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Dairy-free Diary: Dairy-free Favourites

My dairy-free diary is where I post anything dairy-free related that is not a recipe! Today I am posting some of my favourite dairy-free items. …

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Dairy Free

My Favourite Dairy Free Milks | Vegan Food

“Are you sure about going vegan? It seems very restrictive” they said. And yet, walk into any supermarket today and you’ll be greeted with a plethora of dairy free alternatives on the shelves. 483 more words


Fake milkshake, favorite snack and a sunny break

Chocolate Oatly. So delicious.

Fruit puree.

A walk in the park in the sun at lunch time. Working from home is nice.

How to navigate social events as a vegan?

I am very new to this.

I used to be the kind of person who, mentally, judged people who caused a fuss about what they could and couldn’t eat, even for allergy reasons. 756 more words

No buy week - day 4 dinner!

I wanted to use the tofu I had in the fridge for today’s dinner, and ended up making tofu and chickpea curry! Super easy but very tasty. 122 more words


Creamy sausage pasta

We’ve just got back to the UK and were pleasantly surprised to find that Tesco now have even more vegan options. The first thing we saw was… 177 more words