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You’re Just Milking It

Got milk?

Yes we do. In fact we seem to have about seven million varieties of it. Cow, goat, UHT, Almond, Hazelnut, Hemp, Rice milk. You name it; it probably does exist. 603 more words


Soijasuikaleita kermaisessa punaviinikastikkeessa

Koska tyttöystäväni on vegetaristi ja minä puolestani omnivoori, ruokailutottumusten yhteenlaittaminen vaatii toisinaan pähkäilyä – monesti sitä tuudittautuu vain pariin samaan reseptiin. Tällä kertaa oli kuitenkin aika kokeilla jotain aivan uutta. 285 more words


Socker kringla

Fast ingen kringla. Det blev en annan form, runda, fast avlånga !…
Glutenfria och mjölkfria såklart , men det skulle gå fort så jag gjorde lättast möjliga format… 152 more words


Creamy oat and mushroom soup

So I have an obsession with oatly oat milk at the mo, they’re getting a lot of stick for saying that their oat milk is “like milk but made for humans”, but I think they’re pretty rad. 266 more words


Lund Cathedral and grocery shopping

The Lund Cathedral is located right in town and very hard to miss. The front almost looks like it is made from marble but actually, centuries ago, it was burnt and some parts rebuilt. 112 more words


Oatly Launches Break-Fest Serial for Post Milk Society

Well this got me out of bed on Sunday morning. A philosophy slam organised by Oatly, an alternative milk drink, disrupting humdrum morning routines via a series of breakfast events across London. 932 more words



Today is the first day of my endo diet and I’m already struggling to think of things to eat. I need to get some recipes books and go shopping so that I can take some lunch to work for once. 91 more words