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I love oats (they’re also really good for me and FamilyHuff: very nutrient dense, antioxidant and lots of beta-glucan).

So it’s porridge for breakfast today.  I’m not a fan of instant porridge or microwave porridge. 177 more words


Gloat about your oat

In this post I want to talk about one of my favourite new ingredients and also a couple of my favourite things to do with it. 216 more words

News & Opinion

Vegan Festive Bakes

January is a weird month, with the turning from one year to another arbitrarily offering a moment where we can wipe the slate clean, and pledge to ‘be better’ in myriad ways. 1,792 more words

Comfort Food

Vegan chicken soup

I used to eat chicken soup a lot before I became vegan. So nowadays I like to make the same soup but leave out all the chicken. 183 more words



Something that I am personally very passionate about, although I am not lactose-free by necessity, and a product that I will advocate all day for is oat milk by Oatly. 180 more words


Vegan Purée Soup

I thought I should post about something different from those smoothies I always seem to make.


8 Potatoes
4 Carrots
250 ml of oat cream or oat milk… 27 more words


Ditch Milk!

I wanted to make a post sharing my thoughts on the milk industry, and how easy it is to ditch milk for good.

Please note, all facts and figures are from what I have gathered from reliable sources online, through other blogs, websites, and documentaries.  496 more words