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Trying out OAuth2 Authorization Code grant with WSO2 Identity Server without the PlayGround2 App

The first thing I did after joining the WSO2 Identity Server team was to test the WSO2 Identity Server 5.2.0-beta pack. I had some experience playing around with OAuth so I started testing OAuth scenarios. 459 more words

OAuth 2.0

X.509 certificates are back

I have noticed lately that more and more customers start asking questions about how to implement X.509 certificates for authentication and Single Sign-On.

What an interesting development!?! 297 more words


Making a Facebook app in Universal Windows platform

This is gonna be a simple app in which the user logs in and sees his/her profile pic, cover pic, hometown, bio and name. We will use Facebook’s Graph API. 1,241 more words


Understanding the OAuth2 redirect_uri and Azure AD Reply URL Parameters

When you register an Azure AD application, amongst other things you are required to configure a Reply URL, which by default takes its value from the… 712 more words


Authenticating a Sitecore external user as a customer via Azure B2C – Part 3

After a while I finally found a slot of time for writing this. Sorry for the long wait, and let’s get started!

This is the third part of my series of posts on how to use… 2,294 more words


Creating an O365 Authorization Token via Chrome Extension

In this article I will show how I extended my method for generating an O365 OAuth token and incorporated it into a chrome extension.

Introduction… 512 more words


node-oauth-libre 0.9.15 ALPHA

I’m very excited. After starting a fork of node-oauth-libre a month ago, I have implemented a feature that many people have wanted for months: Promises instead of callbacks. 76 more words