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Using Gmail with OAUTH2 in Linux and on an ESP8266

One of the tasks I dread is configuring a web server to send email correctly via Gmail. The simplest way of sending emails is SMTP, and there are a number of scripts out there that provide a simple method to send mail that way with a minimum of configuration. 1,564 more words

Arduino Hacks

Attaching the Bearer Token to Claims Identity in ASP.NET Core to implement On-Behalf-Of Flow

When you setup an ASP.NET Core web API project and go through the wizard to associate it with an Azure Active Directory tenant it will add the necessary plumbing within your project to get it all working. 184 more words


Updated Templates for IdentityServer4

We finally found the time to put more work into our templates.

dotnet new is4empty

Creates a minimal IdentityServer4 project without a UI.

dotnet new is4ui… 103 more words


A Tale of Two Platforms

It will be 10 years ago next month that I wrote my first line of Apex code. Visualforce was in beta (though not yet packageable), the only valid use of the “extends” keyword in Apex was for custom exceptions, and S-Controls were still alive and kicking… happy days. 1,003 more words


Using iOS11 SFAuthenticationSession with IdentityModel.OidcClient

Starting with iOS 11, there’s a special system service for browser-based authentication called SFAuthenticationSession. This is the recommended approach for OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 native iOS clients (see… 95 more words

Templates for IdentityServer4 v2

I finally found the time to update the templates for IdentityServer4 to version 2. You can find the source code and instructions here.

To be honest, I didn’t have time to research more advanced features like post-actions (wanted to do automatic restore, but didn’t work for me) and VSIX for Visual Studio integration. 28 more words

Twitter Data Extraction - OAuth

Few problems have vexed me more than trying to automatically extract my analytics data from the Twitter Ads API. And though my issues were many, this blog post focuses on my favorite issue – Twitter OAuth. 343 more words