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Another OAuth 2 explanation for Python access to Google Analytics

I found another great write up that explains OAuth 2 authentication when accessing many of Google’s API’s.  Raffael Vogler has gone through the pain staking process of setting up a simple script to interact with the Google Analytics API and has documented the steps and what’s going on with specific lines of code.   21 more words

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SoundCloud OAuth Struggles (Why redirect url, why!)

This post is a bit less about Meteor and a bit more about how weird the SoundCloud API redirect url is, but I still faced it in Meteor so going to lay it out for you really quick. 351 more words


Using the Swift playground to make request with bearer token

Assuming you have a bearer token and you want to call a resource passing that bearer token from a Swift Playround, here is a simple example of how it is done. 130 more words

Consuming the SharePoint Online REST API from PowerShell: Part 2


A while back ago we already discussed how to  consume SharePoint Online (SPO) REST in PowerShell. Here is a brief recap:

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IdentityServer3 1.0.0

Today is a big day for us! Brock and I started working on the next generation of IdentityServer over 14 months ago. In fact – I remember exactly how I created the very first file (constants.cs) somewhere in the Swiss Alps and was hunting for internet connection to do a check-in (much to the dislike of my family). 786 more words


OpenID Connect Flows

OpenID Connect presents three flows for authentication. These dictate how the authentication is handled by the OpenID Connect provider.

Authorization Code Flow
The authorization code flow returns an authorization code (like it says on the tin) that can then be exchanged for an ID token and access token. 294 more words

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OpenID Connect Endpoints

OpenID Connect specifies three core endpoints that must be provided to meet its specifications and three other optional sets of endpoints that aid with automation and session management. 276 more words

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