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oauth grant types

Recently we need to integrate our frontend spa with oauth(call third party apis), Need to figure out which grand type fit which use case.

The specification describes five grants for acquiring an access token: 158 more words


Day 1: Setting Up

Get the tools

Considering your are running on Windows OS, you will need these tools


OAM Integration with Google (Social Identity Provider) using OAuth

Go to oamconsole –> Configuration –> Available Services

Enable Mobile and Social Service

Go to Federation –> Social Identity

Select Google Identity provider and click on edit… 363 more words


oAuth, tokens, and powerShell

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Box, Twitter, Trello, Facebook… what do they all have in common? oAuth authentication workflows.

Take your pick of languages to get samples on how to authenticate against all of the endpoints; and you will have to pick and decide between SDKs, NuGet packages, library after library to pull it all together. 743 more words


May Azure AD V1.0 endpoint be used for GDPR compliancy?


By now, everybody should have heard about GDPR. While not being a lawyer, I think I can summarize it this way: any identifiable personal information as well as sensitive personal information is subject to GDPR regulation.  409 more words


OAuth, twitter4j, and JavaFX

I’ve started developing a text-only client for Twitter. The impulse came from getting fed up with all the auto-playing promoted tweets that were clogging my timeline. 349 more words

Practical Applications Of Knowledge

An Identity Co-op

A co-op that operates an identity provider and advocates for the use of this provider by the services used by the co-op’s members.

Consumer Perspective… 653 more words