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How to Test Your Facebook App Locally Using HTTPS

Facebook now requires you to use https for your Valid OAuth Redirect URIs for apps.  This is true even when your app is in development mode. 112 more words


Using OAuth 2.0 for Social Login

What is Social Login?

Social login allows a third party application to access user information for it’s sign-up by it’s client  from an existing social media application. 65 more words


Accessing Facebook's Graph API via our Access Token


The previous post on OAuth discussed the authorization procedure in order to access protected resources form a resource server. Here, in this post, we’ll actually implement code to access Facebook data of a particular user. 300 more words


Demonstrating OAuth 2.0 using Facebook's Graph API


OAuth 2.0 is regarded as the industry-standard protocol for authorization. It works by delegating user authentication to the service that hosts the user account ( 883 more words


How to implement OAuth(Implicit grant type) in a web application??

Here i am going to explain how to use Implicit grant type to retrieve information from Facebook account using PHP.

If you don’t have any idea about OAuth or social login it is recommended to go see the below link .It contains the introduction to social login and OAuth framework. 653 more words

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How to create a Facebook application for OAuth ??

First  you have to login to the Facebook for developers.

Link : https://developers.facebook.com/

After logged in follow the below steps.

Step 01 : Click on Add New App 184 more words

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What is social login ?? What is OAuth framework ??

What is social login

Have you ever faced to a problem of  forgetting passwords because you have to remember lots of passwords due to the reason that everything is becoming online today ?? 294 more words

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