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New in IdentityServer4: Resource Owner Password Validation

Not completely new, but re-designed.

In IdentityServer3, we used the user service for both interactive as well as non-interactive authentication. In IdentityServer4, the interactive authentication is done by the UI. 52 more words


New in IdentityServer4: Support for Extension Grants

Well – this is not completely new, but we redesigned it a bit.

Extension grants are used to add support for non-standard token issuance scenarios to the token endpoint, e.g. 48 more words


How to write web performance tests for SharePoint Online and ADFS

Creating web performance tests in Visual Studio for SharePoint on premise is easy and well documented. But writing them for Office 365 / SharePoint online is another thing. 354 more words


New in IdentityServer4: Default Scopes

Another small thing people have been asking for.

The scope parameter is optional in OAuth 2 – but we made the decision that clients always have to explicitly ask for the scopes they want to access. 82 more words


Identity & Access Control for ASP.NET Core Deep Dive

Once a year Brock and I do our three day version of the Identity & Access Control workshop in London.

This year it will be all about .NET Core and ASP.NET Core – and a full day on the new IdentityModel2 & IdentityServer4. 52 more words


New in IdentityServer4: Clients without Secrets

Over the next weeks I will do short blog posts about new features in IdentityServer4. The primary intention is to highlight a new feature and then defer to our docs for the details (which will also force me to write some proper docs). 76 more words


Getting a Foursquare authentication token

During my vacation I played with the Foursquare API and have written some scripts to extract information. And during this I shut down the exploring API for some time because I used their authentication token and exceeded the limit of 5000 requests. 428 more words

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