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New in IdentityServer4: Multiple allowed Grant Types

In OAuth 2 some grant type combinations are insecure, that’s why we decided for IdentityServer3 that we’ll be defensive and allow only a single grant type per client. 124 more words


Jenkins Installation and GitHub OAuth Integration using Ansible

In this tutorial, we’ll use Ansible to automate the installation of Jenkins CI on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and integrate it with the GitHub OAuth. 484 more words


Nginx + Zuul + Oauth. Fix redirect_uri

I have faced with the issue when gateway makes incorrect redirect_uri via auth.

By default, nginx will redirect to http instead of https. It’s connected with the fact that… 187 more words


IdentityServer4 RC2 released

Yesterday we pushed IdentityServer4 RC2 to nuget. There are no big new features this time, but a lot of cleaning up, bug fixing and adding more tests. 55 more words


IdentityModel v2 released

IdentityModel is our protocol client library for various OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 endpoints like discovery, userinfo, token, introspection and token revocation. In addition it has some general purpose helpers like generating random numbers, base64 URL encoding, time-constant string comparison and X509 store access. 70 more words


Spring RestTemplate

Client-Side HTTP Access

We have all been in the situation where we need to access a remote API, to return JSON or XML data.  We then have to take that data and transform it, via JSON object mappers or XML unmarshallers. 538 more words


Implementing Oauth2.0 authorization for Google in asp.net


Now a days, security is a major concern for every service provider like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc. and that’s why every  service provider which is providing some external service to another app is following the protocol defined by… 2,368 more words