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IdentityServer & Heidelberg on Channel9

Seth and the Channel9 crew visited me in my office in Heidelberg to learn about IdentityServer and German culture.

We had a nice day in Heidelberg involving identity, a whiteboard, code, beers & bratwurst ;) enjoy. 15 more words

Integrating Bot with Dynamics CRM (OAuth 2.0 Authentication)

Let us continue with our previous posts on understanding and implementing a simple bot that interact with Dynamics CRM using Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

dotnet new Templates for IdentityServer4

The dotnet CLI includes a templating engine that makes it pretty straightforward to create your own project templates (see this blog post for a good intro). 90 more words


ASP.NET.Tips - Consuming Bearer Tokens as a Cookie

A while ago, I talked about creating a super basic OAuth Bearer and Refresh Token System in your ASP.NET web applications: Adding a Simple Refresh Token to OAuth Bearer Tokens… 244 more words


New in IdentityServer4: Events

Well – not really new – but redesigned.

IdentityServer4 has two diagnostics facilities – logging and events. While logging is more like low level “printf” style – events represent higher level information about certain logical operations in IdentityServer (think Windows security event log). 57 more words

What is JWT?

This post explains what JWT is, without getting into technical details you don’t need to know. Intention of the post is to dispel some harmful misconceptions. 376 more words


Vuetiful Project Part 6: Securing a Vue.js SPA with Laravel Passport

In part 5 we setup our admin area and created a login page that authenticates a user. Now we need to use this authentication to restrict access to our admin area and our API, and to do that we are going to use… 1,251 more words

Vuetiful Project