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Monday 23rd January 2017. Oaxaca, Mexico

Going loco not that far from Acapulco. Doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it? Going loco in Acapulo was the original plan, but this was quickly changed when, from a number of different sources, we learned that as well as being famous because of the Four Tops song, Acapulco is also famous for the dirtiness of its water, the corruption of its local police and its staggeringly high murder rate*. 648 more words

My Oaxaca photo shoot - Part 1 @Abastos Market

I hate having my photo taken. I feel most of the time in posed shots, I’m awkward or have a fake smile. In most candids, I look angry (bad eyesight = squinting= angry 11’s on my forehead) and it takes me at least 10 tries to get a selfie that I’m somewhat satisfied with. 825 more words

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Women's March Oaxaca ¡Presente!

The Women’s March Oaxaca was an overwhelming success!  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, pussy hats were present, and estimates put the crowd at almost 2,000 people from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and a few other countries.  260 more words


Restoration of the Rudo: A Year in Mexico Experiencing the Rise of Trump

Benjamin Fernandez argues in “Coping With the Blows” that the popular sport lucha libre provides people with a means to interpret life. The sport features… 1,936 more words

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People of the Mist 14

8:40 AM

Tim headed for the mescal sellers who inhabited little shops in a long line over by the market and went straight to his favorite stall. 750 more words


OIDHO Association II

LOCATION: Colonia Florestal, Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca de Juárez
YEAR: 2016

During the course of 2016, the 3rd construction phase was carried out at OIDHO’s association in S. 146 more words


and the beat goes on...Say What

“Capturing memories most importantly making memories.”

Huatulco, Oaxaca- OCT17

I am guilty of limiting myself from many possible opportunities and overcoming all challenges I am faced with. 468 more words