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Santiago Yaitepec (2)

Detalle de una blusa chatina de Santiago Yaitepec. Oaxaca, México.

Cuadrillé bordado a mano; con detalles en crochet.

Fotografía Alicia Uruaga.



Bus doesn't stop here

Sorry folks, the bus doesn’t stop here.  Why?  You ask.  Doesn’t red mean “stop”?  Not here.  Not now.  There is DANGER; this edifice is in a bad state! 34 more words


San Felipe Usila

Huipil chinanteco de San Felipe Usila. Oaxaca, México.

Algodón tejido y brocado en telar de cintura, con detalles bordados a mano.

Fotografía de Carmina Marrufo.


Graduation Day in Oaxaca

In front of Santo Domingo de Guzman…

Enjoy the day.  It’s a jungle out there!


Cultural Appropriation and Authenticity... driving the food world crazy!

I’ve noticed lately the cultural appropriation wars heating up. Food, art and jazz are just a few of the areas where we are seeing this. 229 more words


Wild weather

A word to the wise, be careful what you wish for…

After almost two weeks of 90º+(F) temperatures, late this afternoon lightening flashed, thunder rumbled, gusty winds replaced still humid air, and on Tlaloc’s command, torrential rain and hail pounded the Oaxaca city.  119 more words


#liveoaxaca Sunday with Oaxacking

I have changed a lot in the way I travel over the years. In the past, I made detailed lists of all the things I want to do while I’m away. 1,703 more words