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Sign I'm getting old!

Sign I’m getting old? I’m starting to get really excited by the amount of nectar points I have!! :-(

The First OB Appointment

Saturday was over. Sliding into Sunday (we didn’t leave the emergency room until about 1:30) we were still in shock. I think K and I had a combined 10 minutes of sleep that night. 668 more words


Second Innings @ Ex-Employer? What should be your strategy?

Second Innings! Not an unfamiliar tag these days in corporate world. There are many professionals who tend to go back to their previous employer and start their second innings. 476 more words

Picture Post

People's Dynamic in Malaysian Organization

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the impacts of organizational behavior on individuals, groups and organization.
  2. Apply appropriate organizational behavior concepts into various organizational situations.
  3. Assess current organizational behavior issues in various types of businesses.
  4. 125 more words

Updates - The 411

I miscalculated when my CD 1 (cycle day 1) was to be.  I am now at CD 34.  My menses are lost out there somewhere.  If someone has Aunt Flo’s number, tell the heifer that I am looking for her and when she finally arrives, we can go get that sonogram done as part one of the mock cycle for DE IVF !! 424 more words

Single Mother By Choice

#8 五年之約... [2015.Jun.17]

近日summer sem的時候,看到朋友用上當年我去ob的水樽

不禁問佢: 咦,你幾時去過ob? 討論下便醒起,原來,已經係第五年了…

還記得當初八個人說過: 五年後我們再來戰一戰spirit,唔知,這件事還可否進行?

咁岩得係要上summer sem,咁岩得番八月呢個暑假,咁岩有人提醒我呢件事…   到底係咪時候,來”刺激”下自己?



那日的日記,還存我在fb notes裡,又係時候,懷念一下 7 more words


Old Bedalians reunite in Oxford

The second of last week’s OB reunions based on universities took place in Oxford on Thursday when nine OBs currently studying at Oxford met up at the Old Bank Hotel.  90 more words

Old Bedalians