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Just Another Cesarean Delivery in OB

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with labor and delivery. As a new graduate nurse, I was enamored with my co-workers, who seemed to know exactly what was going to happen and how every provider was going to act.  1,192 more words


50 Told Me Go 'Head Switch the Style Up...

11 weeks today mamas!

So close to the second trimester I can almost taste it – or is that something else? ;)

We got to see little miss or mister at 9 weeks 1 day (Can’t believe that was almost TWO weeks ago!) 580 more words


Orphan Black: Join the Clone Club

Tatiana Maslany. I see no other way in which to start this post other than with the name of the leading actress who oozes pure magnificence, brilliance and genius. 689 more words


More Tests?!?

After our 2 losses, we had 5 embryos left in the freezer, none of which were the highest grade. I refused to do another cycle without some answers. 1,155 more words


Well-baby Care - RBR / CPS2013

1 Measure and chart growth parameters, including head circumference, at each assessment; examine appropriate systems at appropriate ages, with the use of an evidence-based pediatric flow sheet such as the Rourke Baby Record. 1,875 more words

99 Priority Topics

What a Labor Nurse Can Handle that You Can't

Women in unexpected pain – It’s labor, so everyone knows it’s going to hurt, right?!? Wrong. Whatever our patients think it’s going to be like, it’s different.  966 more words