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Myths About Women That Even Us Women Believe

It’s easy to believe something if you hear it often enough which is why some of these  myths have stuck around for as long as they have.  396 more words


Memorial Weekend in San Diego: Part 1

I managed to make the most out of this weekend and filled it with great times with my family.  For the first part of the weekend I had my grandma come out to visit and we packed our time full.   609 more words

Orphan Black: 'Certain Agony of the Battlefield' 3x06 Recap + 3x07 Promo

So, I’ve never recapped Orphan Black before, despite having watched it from the start. I’ve always loved the series because of its originality and high calibre of acting. 2,148 more words

Beer Can Breakfast: Perfect for the Holiday Weekend

Are you sitting at a campground or planning to have a cookout over the weekend? Here is a great breakfast to get the festivities kicked off! 101 more words


Orphan Black

Contains information on BBC America’s Orphan Black up to 3×04

I can’t really talk about Orphan Black in the same cavalier way that I talk about a lot of my television, and I think that it’s because it’s a) extremely high quality television (perhaps the highest quality, as I gush on Twitter every week) and b) way way smarter than I am. 346 more words


Following my heart

Today I am beginning my journey to become a Doula. I initially learned about the amazing job of a Doula in 2001 when I was pregnant with my oldest child. 616 more words

The Issue with Keepsake Ultrasounds

Every couple of weeks, the AIUM office receives a call from a reporter asking about keepsake (or entertainment) ultrasounds. Most of these calls result from a keepsake ultrasound facility opening in the community. 441 more words