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The Ozone Two-Step

Regulatory certainty is a benefit for industry, allowing orderly design, planning, and budgeting for capital expenditures. Many environmental regulations have been in place for many years and provide a certain level of continuity. 567 more words


Trump VINDICATION: Report says Obama admin DID 'wiretap' campaign

(National SentinelPolitical Conspiracy: When President Donald J. Trump claimed in a tweet in March that the Obama administration “wiretapped” his campaign, he was widely mocked and ridiculed — which, even by then, had become standard operating procedure for most of Washington’s political and media establishment. 607 more words

Executive Branch

The secret sharer

Thomas Drake’s unwarranted persecution provides an important indication of the direction the American government government is going, one in which citizens are not free to criticize or to expose government wrongdoing. 1,479 more words



Hi friends, let’s talk about DACA.

What is DACA:

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Children Arrivals and was put into action in 2012 by the Obama Administration. 518 more words


CNN: Rice Unmasked Trump Team Because Obama Was Offended By UAE Crown Prince Visit To NY

For the better part of a year now Americans have speculated over precisely what pressing national security issue may have prompted the Obama administration to take the extreme measure of unmasking the names of Trump officials captured in foreign intelligence reports…you know, because bypassing the typical warrant process and violating an American citizen’s fourth amendment protections is kind of a big deal. 800 more words

Security Contractor Says He Was Silenced By Clinton State Department On Benghazi

In the days following the September 2012 terrorist attack on the Benghazi embassy in Libya, the Clinton State Department and Obama White House launched an all-out media propaganda blitz designed to convince Americans that the whole thing had been sparked by an ‘insensitive’ YouTube video that Muslims in Libya apparently found offensive. 835 more words