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Paul R. Lehman, Gingrich relies on bigotry to try to slam Obama

Before he made his announcement to Americas that he would be running for president, Newt Ging rich recounted how he had used poor judgment in his past. 907 more words

European Americans

Paul R. Lehman, A lesson from biases in Obama's election

A little over two years ago, many Americans, especially those on the political right, were filled with anger and madness over the election of Barack Obama. 996 more words

Ethnicity In America

Paul R. Lehman, Gingrich choice of words for Obama shows bias and fear

Why would a respected former congressman refer to President Obama as a Kenyan, anti-colonialist, and even a con man? That is actually what Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, said of Obama recently during a televised interview. 1,001 more words

Race In America

Paul R. Lehman,Lowry confuses Human Rights with Civil Rights

In a commentary, “Health reform fight not like civil rights,” Rich Lowry (King Features Syndicate, 4-6.10) makes the claim that some Democrats and liberals are using the civil rights movement of the ‘60’s as an example of that “era’s expansion of freedoms.” He adds that “when they denounce the bill’s opponents, they compare them to segregationists.” He makes references to a number of African American congressmen who have recently encountered negative experiences by some of the opponents of the health care bill including John Lewis, and James Clyburn. 679 more words

American Bigotry

Paul R. Lehman, Obama and American Bigotry

When Barak Obama became President of the United States of America to some Americans it signaled the death of something they valued greatly, their sense of self and privilege. 838 more words

American Bigotry