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Wiretapping of President Donald Trump - supporting information

There is a much bigger scandal here: (FISA=Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)

LEVINE: “We have a prior administration, Barack Obama and his surrogates, who were supporting Hillary Clinton who were supporting the Democrat Party, who were using the instrumentalities of the Federal Government intelligence activities, to surveil members of the Trump Campaign and to put that information out in the public.   910 more words

President TRUMP


The weak, inept and crooked little man named Barack Obama has been hard at work struggling to rewrite the history of his eight disastrous years in office by outrightly lying. 365 more words


Donald Trump's Argument for America

I don’t see a lot of political ads I like, let alone love. Most are dishonest, hokey, way too careful or so devoid of substance as to be completely meaningless. 31 more words