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Obama's failure...

Dr. Michael J. O’Connell, PainCare, New Hampshire commented that every time Obama appears at press conferences or interviews, it becomes clearer that the presidency is not what he expected or was prepared for.   557 more words

Dr. Michael J. O'Connell

Another Obama gaffe...

There is yet another gaffe by this administration already plagued by scandal, inaction, and ineptitude.  How does one consider exchanging five hardened ideologues from Guantanomo Bay Detention, and not totally vet the soldier for whom they had released? 137 more words

Dr. Michael J. O'Connell

Obama: I Want Wind Turbines "Manufactured Here...In China" (Video)

Why are Obama and Joe geographically challenged. This isn’t the first time Obama has thought he was in China.

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It's here! Obama's plan has FINALLY arrived.

He was waving around a bright blue brochure on the campaign trail today, this day, 14 days to go until Election day, days into early voting for some states. 119 more words

Obama Gaffe

Binders of Bullshit


The liberals have grabbed onto the meme “binders of women” like they found honey dripping off trees.

The battle cry against Romney stems from his comment in the debate Tuesday when he was describing the binders of women his team brought him at his request as he was filling his cabinet as Governor of Massachussetts. 220 more words

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Words of the second presidential debate

What a contentious debate! Reviews are mixed, and not suprisingly most in Obama’s favor, but I think Romney did a very good job looking Presidential, answering each question (when Obama skipped two), and catching Obama in several lies. 215 more words

Obama Bad

Yeah, someone was killed - but buy a sweatshirt!!

Winter is coming and these sweatshirts are perfect for Fall!

That is the message Obama’s staff tweeted from his official Twitter account on Friday, as the coffins were being unloaded in Andrews Air Force Base of those killed in the Libyan consulate attack. 49 more words

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