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Obama Golf Saved the U.S.

Nearly eight years ago, as Barack Obama took office, Rush Limbaugh opined that he hoped that the new President would “fail.”

While the media attempted to… 478 more words


It's in the Hole! Bill Murray, Obama Golf, Talk ACA

Watch President Obama and Bill Murray discuss Obamacare at the Oval Office – while working on their short game – in a video posted by the White House on Sunday. 10 more words

Hillary: Hellooooo from Chappaqua!

Did Hillary Clinton just do that?

Tweet the flood ravaged Southern Coast from behind the moat at Chappaqua?

Well, at least we’re pretty sure it was Hillary. 335 more words

Hillary Clinton

LA: Barack, We’re Drowning Down Here!

Why is it every single time Barack Obama tries to take a teensy little break from the 24/7 (okay, nine-to-five) rigors (well, at least irritations) of leading (all right, recalibrating) the free world (from behind), somebody calls for… 483 more words

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