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Yes we can!

2014 was the year when ‘Yes, we can’ finally became ‘No, I couldn’t’. It is all over bar the shouting, and Mr Obama is reduced to bumping wedding couples off Hawaiian golf courses so that he can get on with one of the remaining functions of his office. 518 more words

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'Heaven forbid': Latest casualty caused by Obama's golf game is 'literally embarrassing'

If you thought Obama couldn’t make things worse by being on the golf course, well, think again.

Barack Obama, wedding crasher: http://t.co/g0Idc6SJbB via @bpolitics

— Michael C.

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Obama appologizes to Army couple forced to reschedule wedding due to golf plans

HAWAII –The president has reportedly apologized to an Army couple, whose wedding he inadvertently relocated,  in a personal phone call to the bride.

According to a report out from Bloomberg, the couple — both captains in the Army — had previously invited Obama to their wedding, knowing that he’d likely return to his family’s vacation spot for the holidays. 197 more words


Obama Brushes Off 'Sh*tty Golfer' Diss

Former minor league baseball player Michael Jordan (he also played basketball for the Chicago Bulls) cracked jokes about President Barack Obama’s golf game last week. On Tuesday Obama returned the favor, telling Wisconsin’s WJMR that Jordan had notions. 107 more words

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Barry Tries to Pay for Something but He Can't

Caption this: President goes into a restaurant and his credit card bounces.

When President Obama’s credit card was declined last month, even he couldn’t get the waitress to budge. 383 more words

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Obama’s Golf Game By The Numbers

At this writing, since taking office on 20 January, 2009 (a date which will live in infamy), the President of the United States has played 192 rounds of golf.   239 more words

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