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Ebola Facts

Take Our PollBy Jim/GoodOleBoy

Ebola can be spread by blood, sweat, and saliva. I would believe mucous also. A sneeze can propel saliva and mucus over 20 feet. 139 more words


Obamacare Website Filled With Viruses Because Fuck It

WASHINGTON DC – In yet another setback in President Obama’s healthcare roll out, employees of the administration have allowed hackers and viruses to gain access to the private information of users and their machines because “fuck it”. 420 more words


In the past week we’ve learned that the economy actually shrank (for the first time since 2009)  during the last quarter of 2012.  We also learned that the unemployment rate actually ticked up from 7.8% to 7.9%. 166 more words


Stalin and Obama - Bosom Buddies

by Good Ole Boy/Jim

If Obama were able to get some of his Kenyan kin get a witch doctor to bring back Joseph and have him hit the campaign trail for Obama and the Democrats. 11 more words


Run Away, Run Away

By Good Ole Boy/Jim

What do liberals do when their lies are pointed out to them? Many start by going over talking points that have nothing to do with the issue like Obama but if you are Phil Hare you run away like a child. 162 more words


Reformed Democrats?

by Jim/Good Ole Boy

Could the election of Scott Brown have negative effects for Republicans in the fall 2010 elections? Democrats have all of a sudden gotten religion as far as realizing their political futures were in doubt. 222 more words


Democrats- Vote and Vote Again and Again

by Jim/Good Ole Boy

Lying, cheating, stealing is what the Democrats are about in elections now days. Ed Schultz of MSNBC had this to say about the Massachusetts Senate race with Scott Brown leading in the polls “I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I’d try to vote 10 times. 140 more words