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Free McCollege for All!

The following has been reprinted from The American Spectator, written by Daniel J. Flynn.

This article captures the key problems with creating the McDegree’s that Obama is so keen on providing, at your expense of course. 867 more words


Why everyone's got it wrong about Obama.

Some people accuse Obama of being stupid or ignorant. Others say he’s just crazy, while an uncomfortably large segment of Americans enthusiastically worship him as their Dear Leader and believe he’s simply looking out for what’s best to help the poor, the hungry, the needy, the homeless, the immigrants, the children and the underserved. 1,562 more words

Government Failures

Why targeting Libertarians is a good thing...and the MLK sex tape

My posting has dried up because I am working back east for almost two months. I’ll return to posting as I can, and definitely when I get back. 351 more words


Canceling Obamacare is more hellish than signing up...

If you thought signing up for Obamacare was bad, try canceling. Here is the official position of Obamacare on trying to cancel your Obamacare insurance… 485 more words


Jimmy Fallon mocks Obamacare enrollment, "It's amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory..."

Pointing out the obvious, which is something that must be done in order for most Americans to spend any time actually thinking about anything, Jimmy Fallon reminds Americans that when the Government makes something mandatory, with fines or jail as a punishment for noncompliance…whudayaknow, people do it. 256 more words


Michelle Obama, "Young people are knuckleheads" and by young, she means under 30, and by knucklehead, she means stupid.

It never gets old. The Liberal’s narcissistic cultism where everyone that’s not them is a moron and would be putting plastic bags over their kids heads if it weren’t for Government. 53 more words

Government Failures