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Romney: I Never Thought Obama’s Mistakes Would be This Bad

“I was not a big fan of the president’s policies, as you know, either domestically or internationally,” he said, “but the results of his mistakes and errors, in my opinion, have been more severe than even I would have predicted.” …” 19 more words

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Why Being In A Foreign Country During An Election Year Made Me Proud To Be American

Last fall, I was studying abroad in Paris during the final months of the Obama/Romney showdown. While I had expected occasional publicity over the campaigns and speeches, I never could have imagined the buzz and excitement over a foreign country’s election that engulfed the country. 563 more words

What Obama’s Big Demographic Win Means For Republicans

Believe it or not, people are still discussing the presidential election.  Now that all the election results are in, GbBIS takes a look at what Obama’s demographic win means for the future of the Republican Party.  305 more words


LaRouche on U.S. Election: Romney Capitulated to Wall Street and Obama Won

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Under a truly great President, on
Dec. 7th, 1941, declared that that day, was a “day in infamy,”
and the same thing can be said of Nov. 584 more words

Lyndon Larouche

Post-Election Thoughts 2012

A few thoughts on Election 2012, in no particular order:

1) Tea Party — with the defeat of Allen West, Joe Walsh and almost Michelle Bachmann, the Tea Party brand seems a bit toxic to voters. 640 more words

Election Night's Graphics Show

Election night’s big show? Pretty Red and Blue graphics.  Television producers and graphics builders pull out all the stops.  Each newscast must bounce back and forth between percent reporting, polls, 2008 results, and live numbers coming in.  163 more words

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Tracking States’ Votes Throughout History

Has California always voted Democrat?  Has the South always been strongly Republican?  DaVinci Business Graphics tracks the voting patterns of states throughout the US’s political history.  291 more words

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