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30,000 Indiana Residents To Lose Their Insurance Due To Obamacare [VIDEO]

This is from The Daily Caller.

I hope every one of them is a Obama supporter.

But it will be sadly the average mom and dad that will take the hit. 80 more words

In The Real World, Kesha Wins, Alameel And The Obama Dems Lose In Texas Runoff

In an historically abysmal turnout, Wall Street-connected millionaire David Alameel was able to parlay more than $5 million of his personal fortune into an election victory over Kesha Rogers on Tuesday. 290 more words

Impeach Obama

New Jersey Creates Select Committee on Investigation to Investigate Gov. Chris Christie

On Thursday, Jan. 16, the State Assembly of New Jersey passed Assembly Resolution No. 10 constituting a Select Committee on Investigation comprising 12 members to investigate “all aspects of the finances, operations, and management of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and any other matters raising concerns about abuse of government power or an attempt to conceal an abuse of government power including, but not limited to, the reassignment of access lanes in Fort Lee, New Jersey to the George Washington Bridge.” The resolution gives the committee the power to issue subpoenas to compel attendance and testimony of persons and production of books, papers, correspondence, other documents and materials, and electronic records and data, to hold hearings, to hold the Port Authority in contempt of the committee, to avail itself of the services of special counsel, etc. 100 more words


Obama’s fellow Narcissist Christie in Deep Kimchi

Obama’s fellow narcissist, Chris Christie, seems about to get the treatment which Obama himself deserves—impeachment if not worse. On Sunday in the Washington Post, Dana Milbank wrote a column entitled… 644 more words