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Campaign To Eliminate Federal Waste - Really?

President Obama and VP Biden announced a campaign to ‘eliminate waste’ in the White House and all Federal agencies – leaving no stone left unturned… 851 more words


Perks: Obama’s Christmas

UPDATED – If you are like a lot of working (or not) Americans in Obama’s dazzling economic “recovery,” you are probably wondering what happened to your paid vacation, right along with your 40-hour workweek. 529 more words

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Beleaguered Obama wants a vacation from the press!

Oh, poor Mr. President. It’s really, really hard being the first president in history with the press following your around. They’re so mean!

Obama on MTP: "Part of what I'd love is a vacation from the press." Good luck with that…

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Flashback: Obama Promises No Vacations for Himself Prior to Being President

I don’t begrudge a President his vacations, it’s a hard  job that follows him wherever he goes. My problem is that they spent 8 years crucifying Bush about going to his own house for vacation, then the Obama’s get to the White House and vacation like the Kardashians. 117 more words

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Obama is stumped . He had developed a foreign policy of taking lavish vacations  with his family as well as golfing in foreign countries spending billions of American tax payer dollars in effort to become an international poster boy for world peace. 21 more words