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Obama Back on Vacation Again!

Obama pushes up start of family’s 40th vacation — leaves Friday for Martha’s Vineyard 


That is the title of a report from the above. I will not use the link as it is filled with images that I would not present! 415 more words


Campaign To Eliminate Federal Waste - Really?

President Obama and VP Biden announced a campaign to ‘eliminate waste’ in the White House and all Federal agencies – leaving no stone left unturned… 851 more words


Perks: Obama’s Christmas

UPDATED – If you are like a lot of working (or not) Americans in Obama’s dazzling economic “recovery,” you are probably wondering what happened to your paid vacation, right along with your 40-hour workweek. 529 more words

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Beleaguered Obama wants a vacation from the press!

Oh, poor Mr. President. It’s really, really hard being the first president in history with the press following your around. They’re so mean!

Obama on MTP: "Part of what I'd love is a vacation from the press." Good luck with that…

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Flashback: Obama Promises No Vacations for Himself Prior to Being President

I don’t begrudge a President his vacations, it’s a hard  job that follows him wherever he goes. My problem is that they spent 8 years crucifying Bush about going to his own house for vacation, then the Obama’s get to the White House and vacation like the Kardashians. 117 more words

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