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American Neighborhoods A LOT Less Safe After What Obama Just Did

Things are looking up for 22 hardened criminals in America’s judicial system with a president in office who is more concerned about ensuring fairness for felons than he is about keeping our streets safe. 38 more words


The Trouble With History, Or "This Time Is Different!"

We are regularly reminded that those unwilling to study history are condemned to repeat it. It is no secret that American public education these days, not only fails to study history but fails to study much at all, falling into the middle of  international rankings where it used to be on top. 476 more words


SHOCKER: Department Of Justice Won't Prosecute Lois Lerner

It’s a good thing Lois Lerner doesn’t own a pizza shop in Indiana, otherwise she’d be in real trouble.

Luckily for her, all she did was use the force of the most powerful government agency in America to intimidate and harass law abiding taxpayers who disagree with President Obama. 152 more words


Hordes of Central American minors, families continue to illegally cross the U.S. border

A national firestorm was created in 2014 when tens of thousands of migrant children, along with some adults and families – chiefly from the Central American nations of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador – poured across the U.S. 338 more words

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Local unions, lawmakers against trade agreement

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – United Steelworkers gathered in Warren Wednesday to vote their disapproval of a potential trade agreement.

The group is against President Obama’s ability to negotiate deals with other countries that Congress cannot amend or filibuster. 126 more words