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Sens. Warren, Brown counter Obama on trade

WASHINGTON (AP) – Two of the Democratic Party’s most vocal opponents of strengthening President Barack Obama’s hand in trade deals are taking issue with his recent criticism and are calling on him to make public the draft text of a still incomplete deal with 11 other Pacific rim nations. 328 more words


Why was he so interested in talking to you?

I just love this story!!! One night President Obama and his wife Michelle decided to do something out of routine and go for a casual dinner at a restaurant that wasn’t too luxurious. 171 more words


KOB4, KASA, KOAT, others to lose Broadcasters Licenses. Sandy Hook: knowingly broadcasting hoax as real violates FCC Regulations

Reporting a hoax as real is against the law. Lying to people for a living is about as low as you can go.

The Article from VT: 174 more words

ABQ Truth Report

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Believe in your belief!

Life isn’t a predictable symphony always and many a times situations can make you languish and miserable. Don’t be surprised if sometimes you are questioning your own integrity and existence. 308 more words

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U.S.A - Cuba disagrees

Granma (Cuba).


Reconocen que Cuba nunca debió estar en lista de países patrocinadores del terrorismo

La prensa estadounidense también destacó la decisión de Washington, al afirmar que constituye un paso crucial en el esfuerzo del presidente Obama para pasar la página en un conflicto de la Guerra Fría… 2,626 more words


All US and Israel misfortunes are not Obama’s blunders – he has intended to do so

Many critics of Obama are explaining the decline of domestic and foreign fortunes of the USA during the Obama presidency by his inexperience in everything – in business, in politics, in management, in diplomacy, etc. 798 more words

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Local and State Handouts

If the Federal Government is giving you money, it is to get you to do something that they cannot force you to do. Once you take the bait, it’s all over you are at the Fed’s bidding. 23 more words