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Obama working "Overtime" to kill the little guy: Do the Math!

A few years ago, President Obama was told that raising corporate income taxes, historically speaking, caused our economy to stagnant and hurt job creation. President Obama’s response: “I don’t care.” Even though it meant fewer people would indeed have jobs, our President, “didn’t care.” Damn the economics, full speed ahead to the abyss. 343 more words


Bought Movie Bonus Short- Unnecessary Vaccinating


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Watch the following short video, and then wake up to the truth! Note: You must click "View Original" in order to watch the movie!

History is echoing: Greece rejects EU bailout

America’s future, staring us right in the face. Yours truly will not claim to have any sort of expertise in understanding the intricacies of the global financial system. 123 more words

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Obama’s black agenda

As a socialist Obama would see any situation where one person has great wealth and another person lives in poverty as a crime against humanity regardless of the work ethic of the two parties.  808 more words


Obama golfing with top Iran advisers, ESPN's Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser

While John Kerry negotiates with Iran in Vienna, Austria…

In Vienna, SecState @JohnKerry says iran nuke talks never closer to an agreement but "at this point, this negotiation could go either way."

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Gay Marriage is Just the Beginning, New Perversions Coming...

By Lou Saboter

An executive order concerning sodomy that was issued before the gay marriage Supreme Court decision might make one think that its passage was assured in advance, especially with the highly contrived spectacle of a rainbow White House, rainbow Google, and rainbow everything that followed. 49 more words

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Hilarious: Tennessee Residents Greet Barack Hussein Obama Waving Confederate Flags


Ya gotta love this. Dozens of residents of Tennessee who knew that Barack Obama’s motorcade was driving by rushed to the streets to wave Confederate flags at him as he drove by! 100 more words