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US to Fall Short on Paris Agreement Without the Clean Power Plan, Study Suggests

US to Fall Short on Paris Agreement Without the Clean Power Plan, Study Suggests

A new study suggests that U.S. will most likely to fall short in achieving its pledge in the Paris Agreement if the Clean Power Plan was not put into place. 321 more words


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E’ stato un bel derby. Combattuto, appassionato, giocato tra due vecchi volponi amiconi di famiglia nonché concittadini newyorkesi. Valeva il prezzo del biglietto. (Anche se è occorso stare svegli dalle 3 alle 5, manco attendessimo i 100 metri olimpici di Bolt). 2,333 more words

Black Lives Matter Protesters Probably Never Heard of John Casor

Independent Sentinel
By S. Noble | 13 August 2015

General Robert E. Lee’s statue is one of seven statues being moved off the mall at the UT-Austin campus (photo above) to an obscure location. 295 more words


President Obama Says Veto Override of 9/11 Saudi Arabia Bill Was a 'Mistake'

Congress overrode a veto issued by President Obama on Wednesday, clearing the way for families of 9/11 victims to file a lawsuit against the Saudi Arabian government. 311 more words


Breitbart: “Center for Security Policy president and founder Frank Gaffney joined Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday to offer his thoughts on the first presidential debate and a vitally important topic that was not addressed, the impending surrender of U.S. 264 more words


Congress overrides Obama's veto of 9/11 bill

Families of those killed in the terror attacks on 9/11 are now legally allowed to sue Saudi Arabia, after Congress voted Wednesday to override President Barack Obama’s veto of the legislation, the first override of his presidency. 968 more words


As President, Patriot Donald Trump Face A Monumental Task

Some say it only took Barack Obama 7.5 years to put us where we are today, a nation nearing its end. Many ignore the parts played by former presidents Bush 1&2 and Bill Clinton, and the Administrations going back further in our history. 1,635 more words

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