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Ivanka Trump defends Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama’s smoking video

President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, has taken to Twitter to defend former President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, whose smoking video at her first Harvard games went viral.


NN Censorship

FCC sites Daily Stormer as example of censorship under NN Anonymous (ID: DuH6mlyz)  11/24/17(Fri)16:49:25 No.150770689

>>150770991 >>150772035 >>150772367 >>150774524 >>150774552 >>150775395 >>150775900 >>150776232… 28 more words


Obama's daughter, Malia seen smoking a cigarette and kissing mystery guy at first Harvard-Yale game

The eldest daughter of former US president Barack Obama, Malia, was spotted at her first Harvard-Yale football game last weekend smoking and kissing a mystery guy. 127 more words


Giving "Transformation" a bad name: why I'm not doing a photo challenge this week

In the past 8 years, two major events have totally soured me on anything that bills itself as a “transformation”.  The first one happened back in 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama was elected president.   713 more words


The Rise and Fall of Turkey’s Erdogan

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan cut a lone figure at the trilateral summit of Russia, Iran and Turkey at Sochi on Wednesday regarding a Syrian settlement. 866 more words


Net Neutrality is bad for freedom of speech and expression

Net Neutrality as exists allows the US government to use taxpayer money to fund NGO and “civil society” groups like Media Matters For America who then bankroll shill teams to spam and muddy discourse online (legalize propaganda program). 47 more words


Trump and the Moderate Left

Christian journalist Chris Hedges has a soberingly ominous piece in TruthDig about the dangers of a moderate left. It is important in this age of Trump, to understand that moderates like Obama, Trudeau, and Macron, while they represent a refreshing contrast to the lunacy of the far right, are merely the smiling face of the same corporate totalitarianism. 60 more words