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This has nothing to do with freelancing, or a great job, or even a great lifestyle. Today I watched a woman lose her child. 559 more words


Is It A Proper Role of the Government to Provide Healthcare to Its Citizens?

This is an essay based on a motion debate that I performed at in June 2017. My friend Chuck Braman and I defended the con side of the debate and argued that it is NOT proper for the government to provide healthcare for its citizens. 2,553 more words


Obama Mocked Trump’s Political Ambitions. Trump Spent His First Year Dismantling Obama’s Legacy

As president, Barack Obama repeatedly mocked Donald Trump’s political ambitions, laughing at the idea of Trump ever winning the presidency.

Peter Hasson writes: Obama mocked Trump in 2011 for calling into question whether he was born in America. 476 more words


Healthcare is going to kill us all – a story in 5 simple graphs

I am not an expert on health care. But, the level of discourse across the political spectrum is uninformed even to me. And, incredibly disheartening, given how important it is to the country. 389 more words

Healthcare And Policy

"Skinny Repeal" of Obamacare is a Bag of Lemons

The skinny repeal was to do away with the individual mandate where individuals are required to buy health insurance or face penalties. It is a bag of lemons. 464 more words

Healthcare And Policy

Obamacare didn’t get repealed — so why did the uninsured rate still go up?

(Source: www.vox.com)

The uninsured rate went up in 2017, new Gallup data shows — the first time this has happened since the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansion took effect. 783 more words