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How The GOP Plan Kills Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

Donald Trump campaigned vigorously on the promise that his replacement for Obamacare would be better and cheaper. As details of the newly crafted compromise between some moderate Republicans and the House Freedom Caucus emerge,  a clear casualty is one of the most popular elements of the Affordable Care Act: coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions like asthma, diabetes, or other serious illnesses. 151 more words

White House backs off as lawmakers work to avert shutdown

Lawmakers are nearing agreement on sweeping spending legislation to keep the lights on in government, after the White House backed off a threat to withhold payments that help lower-income Americans pay their medical bills. 609 more words


As per a  4/26/17 Newsweek report by Graham Lanktree, “Republicans are seeking to give U.S. states the power to opt out of an Obamacare rule that prevents health insurance companies from discriminating against Americans with pre-existing conditions. 1,119 more words


The Trump effect in special elections

The Donald Trump administration has existed now for nearly 100 days – that arbitrary yet significant milestone attached to every new presidential administration. Beyond the Neil Gorsuch appointment to the Supreme Court, activities have been limited mostly to executive orders, many of them just proposing to study an issue. 1,226 more words

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Has ObamaCare provided more healthcare?

Or, has it just covered more people with health insurance?


In my consulting / problem-solving class, I emphasize asking the right question before starting to gather data, doing analyses, drawing conclusions and making recommendations. 562 more words

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Shifting Health Care Costs To Taxpayers

Do you see anything wrong with the following?

What’s wrong is two things in my view. First, the focus is on premiums and not health care costs. 149 more words