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I have to pay what?

While enjoying a cup of coffee this morning I began talking with a young lady and it turned out she worked in a doctors office. We chatted about health insurance and patients. 227 more words


Healthcare: Featuring the latest in technology, but still 20 years behind

The United States has the most advanced health technologies in the world. We are able to provide care that even 30 years ago seemed like science fiction. 407 more words

Republicans Continue Plans to Remove your Healthcare; Remember this on November 6th

If you are an informed American, you are aware that Republicans are not concerned about what the majority of our nation’s people need or want. They serve special interests and ignore the polls. 475 more words

Democratic U.S. House candidate's Apple Watch just backfired on her

”Hiral Tipirneni dresses in scrubs, wraps a stethoscope around her neck, and looks seriously at medical charts in her latest campaign ad,” Philip Wegmann reports for The Washington Examiner. 269 more words


Sen. Lamar Alexander is nothing like Trump. But he explains Trump’s Washington.

(Source: www.vox.com)

This should have been Sen. Lamar Alexander’s moment.

The Tennessee Republican was the right person in the right place at the right time. 3,048 more words


California Bill Would Create Health Care Price Controls

But, but…I thought Obamacare was suppose to reduce the cost of health care?

From Sacramento Bee: California’s government would set prices for hospital stays, doctor visits and other health care services under legislation introduced Monday, vastly remaking the industry in a bid to lower health care costs. 575 more words


Paul Ryan is not seeking re-election - GREAT news!

Paul Ryan is not looking for a re-election.  Great!  He will complete his term ending in January next year.  Probably he does not want to be tied to a losing GOP.  337 more words

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