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Humana pulls out of ObamaCare exchange plans

Going as planned…

Via NY Post: Count it as another nail in ObamaCare’s coffin: Humana, one of the country’s top insurers, announced Thursday that it’s pulling out of ObamaCare exchange plans in all but a few states next year… 299 more words


Bernie Endorsed Hillary

Wonder how much she paid him for that…

and it is not over…there will be more proof of Hillary’s corruption released.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

The Obama Administration Wants to Overhaul How We Pay for Heart Attack Treatments

The Obama administration is seeking to shake up how the government pays for heart attack-related medical care in a bid to reduce health spending, officials announced Monday. 405 more words


We Can Do Better

Last night, Demi Lovato spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on an off-day from her Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas. She delivered a two-minute speech followed by a live performance of her hit single, “Confident.” This song is the title track of her most recent album and it can also be heard in the background of commercials aired by ABC, promoting their coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. 283 more words


Links for 7-25-2016



“Hi, this is your pharmacist.  I just want to let you know that the co-pay for that prescription you dropped off is $400.  Do you still want the prescription filled?” 518 more words

That's Life

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As I face loss of my job, and loss of my insurance, I have to reconsider whether or not I can afford my much-needed Remicade treatments. On top of everything else, I've already paid in $2500 of my $5000 annual out-of-pocket expenses for this year, but if I have to change to a different plan (even if it's with the same insurance company), I have to start back at 0! Why did Obamacare never take into account those who need to change plans in the middle of the year? Is it fair for me to have to pay $7,500 this year, while everyone else on a similar plan pays $5,000? Ugh!

The Coming Week - Will The Big Kids Show Up?

The Democrat National Convention begins Monday. It will not be difficult to present a more positive message compared to the just completed Republican convention. But is that enough? 455 more words