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Hoped and Changed

Thriving ingrates show a free society’s greatest strength.  Its greatest critics profit off proclaiming how mean it is to have to be useful. Take how lucky that last president is to get rich by bitching about the poor. 791 more words

Thoughts of the Day (6/21/18)

1. I’m enjoying the left having a snitfit over the immigration debate. It’s not like Obama didn’t have the same issue (he did) or that it’s been on the books since 1997 (see SCOTUS Flores decision, and the amended 2016 decisions). 790 more words

The More They Stay the Same

The more things change. Now that I am semi back from my self-imposed writing exile I think I will throw out some random thoughts. So much hasn’t happened since I stopped writing regularly. 425 more words

Children at the Gate , Democrats latest Victim, the hardhearted Conservative view

In 2014 a bewildered President Obama asked congress for 3.7 billion dollars. He stated this money should be considered an act of human compassion. You see President Obama was faced with some 70,000 children at the border with no families at all. 908 more words

The ACA Attacks and FQHCs

Key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) are once more at risk of being overturned.

If reading this sentence makes you feel like you’re in a time warp, don’t worry! 866 more words


New Trump Administration Rule to Expand Access to Health Plans Without ACA Protections

Small businesses and self-employed will be allowed to obtain coverage under ‘association plans’

Many of the ‘association health plans’ will be subject to the same rules as larger employers, which means they won’t have to provide comprehensive benefits mandated under the ACA.  1,077 more words

Trump administration undermines ACA by expanding low-coverage health insurance plans

Cheaper health insurance will be available to small business and self-employed people, thanks to a new rule from the Trump administration. These cheaper policies will have higher deductible and cover few items than the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated when it was passed. 47 more words