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Doctors Call for Single Payer Health Care, Cite Need to Move Beyond ACA

The American Journal of Public Health publishes physicians’ call for sweeping single-payer reform with detailed proposal signed by over 2,200 doctors nationwide

Unveiling of proposal coincides with heightened debate on ‘Medicare for All’ in presidential primaries… 882 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

US House speaker Paul Ryan not ready to back Trump as Republican nominee


© AFP file photo | Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, pictured on April 28, 2016.


Latest update : 2016-05-05… 331 more words

Does WebMD Cause Heart Palpitations?

If you are like most of us, then you’ve gone to WebMD for help, only to incorrectly self-diagnose. If you have an illness or general malaise see a doctor that owns at least two white coats. 248 more words

Survival Tips

A Biden-Warren ticket

A Clinton-Warren Ticket?

Or Maybe a Biden-Warren Ticket.

By Mark Alexander

Jul. 23, 2014

“Be not intimidated … nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. 1,501 more words


The Biden-Warren Warning

The Biden-Warren Warning

The Demos’ 2016 Default Ticket

By Mark Alexander

May 4, 2016

“If an election is to be determined by a majority … procured by a party through artifice or corruption, the Government may be the choice of a party for its own ends, not of the nation for the national good.” —John Adams (1797) 1,388 more words


The Dodo Bird and Employee Wellness Programs - The Phone Call

Given todays news report that the Feds say “Smokers are Lying on Obamacare Enrollment Forms” I thought I would publish this post written well over a year ago.   1,120 more words

MoneyBall Medicine: How To Be Nimble In The New Data-Driven Healthcare Market

By Harry Glorikian, MBA and Malorye Allison Branca, MS

A revolution is transforming the multi-trillion-dollar healthcare landscape.  Spurred by new laws, new data, and new analytical tools, the way care is delivered is changing radically.  716 more words