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You Have Beautiful Crowns, Said The Dentist

I have new health insurance I’m pretty sure the same as rice paddy workers have, though I think they have better coverage.  I lost Bluecross back in March not making enough income to keep it.  530 more words


Kaiser Permanente Doesn't Hire White Doctors

by Marina Orwell

No one parades the contempt that the corporatocracy has for those who created Western medicine and built America (i.e. White European people) than the “health care” industry.   1,025 more words

Wakey Wakey, Whitey!

How to Beat the System

This is via email from Aunt Pam, a former democrat

1. If you’re a man, don’t get married.
2. Have a couple kids.
3. Use your mom’s address for your mail. 193 more words

Listen carefully to the thumping: Biden might run once more

Put your head to the ground and listen intently.

Those of us who are interested in such things are beginning to hear the faint thumping of feet. 522 more words

National News

The Twisted Thinking Behind the "Pro Life" Feminist Love for the Marxist Nanny State

Are the bored, childless, and unmarried new wave Marxist feminists the cause for today’s war against traditional American freedoms and devotion to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? 472 more words