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Wendell Potter: Medical Insurance Companies Can Decide Who Lives and Dies, Parts 1-7

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Trump and Pelosi Both Cater to Private Health Insurance – RAI with Wendell Potter (1/7)

TheRealNews on Apr 4, 2019

Trump’s “great healthcare plan” and opposition to Medicare for All’s “socialism” and Pelosi’s defense of the ACA and opposition to single-payer are both aimed at garnering support from the private insurance industry.

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Good God, It Just Doesn't Stop With The Anti-Life Crowd *Open Thread*

This week is bringing us lunacy by the Left in unprecedented ways. I have ever seen anything like it. Sadly, here we are.

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Staying Healthy As Long As We Can

Stephen Bonner, the former CEO of the Cancer Treatment Centers, joins WGN Radio’s Karen Conti to talk about the changes in the U.S. healthcare system. They discuss the current challenges in healthcare, the pro’s and con’s of Obamacare along with the recent innovations occurring in healthcare. 19 more words

Karen Conti

Access To Affordable Healthcare Will Still Be Number 1 Bread And Butter Issue For 2020 Elections

Fact: 32 out of 33 developed countries in the world have universal health care, but the one exception is the USA. As the GOP in the White House, the US Congress and Governors of Republican Party led states are suing the US Government to kill the 2010 ACA affordable Care Act or Obamacare with its required coverage for preexisting illnesses , it’s important to note that they have no viable alternative to offer the American peoples even though… 2,275 more words

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Medicare vs Obamacare

Medicare for All vs Obamacare Forever

By Angela de Joseph

As the executive director for one of the first community organizations certified as an enrollment entity for Covered CA, our state brand for the ACA aka “Obamacare” insurance marketplace, I was on the front lines from day one of the rollout. 662 more words

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Gov. Newsom Aims To Restore Health Insurance Mandate

SACRAMENTO (AP) – Gov. Gavin Newsom has launched a statewide tour to promote his health care proposals, which include requiring everyone to purchase health insurance and offering subsidies to families of four with incomes as high as $150,000 a year. 92 more words