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So You Don't Like Obamacare?

So you don’t like Obamacare?  Too expensive, you say. We just can’t afford it. Too much like socialized medicine.  Your co-pays are higher. Why should your insurance be more expensive just to help pay for others to have medical care?   811 more words

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Obamacare Is the Welfare State’s Requiem, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The title is certainly optimistic, but the writer may not have the correct take on how government works. If failure were to doom the welfare state, it would have failed long ago. 554 more words


As Predicted, Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class

The critics of Obamacare have been proven right.  The Obama administration promised that health insurance premiums would go down.  Instead, they have absolutely skyrocketed.  The Obama administration promised that Obamacare would not kill jobs.  131 more words

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6 Reasons Why Obama Is Wrong About Obamacare

On August 2, an extraordinary editorial appeared on the website of the scholarly Journal of the American Medical Association, a one-of-a-kind article by the President of the United States defending his signature accomplishment. 1,644 more words


Money Mondays: Changes In Obamacare And How They Impact You

There is recent news about the Affordable Care Act that another private insurance company is pulling out of some exchanges. Can you start by telling us a little about that? 745 more words


Obamacare is creating default insurance monopolies with high prices and no alternatives

Insurance giant Aetna is the latest of about a dozen major insurers to fully or partially exit the Obamacare “marketplace” after losing huge amounts of money participating in the system. 439 more words

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New Taxes Coming Your Way!

Because Obamacare was the first thing that “taxed” you (according to John Roberts) for NOT having something, this has opened up a whole new can of taxes that can be foisted on the American public. 564 more words