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Latest Trump-backed Republican health care bill likely lacking votes to pass

WASHINGTON – Nevada Republican Dean Heller became the fifth GOP senator to declare his opposition to the party’s banner legislation to scuttle much of Barack Obama’s health care overhaul on Friday, more than enough to sink the measure and deliver a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump unless some of them can be brought aboard. 821 more words


Suddenly, Democrats are Worried About People Losing Their Lives?

In response to the recently released Senate version of Obamacare replacement, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said:

“These cuts are blood money,” Warren said on the Senate floor. 269 more words


How we got here with health care

I was seventeen when I had my first brain surgery. I’m an extremely lucky unlucky person because my issue was easily fixed with “a machine,” really a shunt, that I just had to trust to keep working. 934 more words

Flash But Not Very Fiction

My kid has spina bifida. The AHCA is a nightmare bill for kids like her, and pro-lifers should be calling their Senators in droves.

I decided, in light of the AHCA, to research the average cost of health care for people with spina bifida. They call them “million dollar babies” for a reason. 566 more words


As Americans observe the republican President Donald Trump perform his duties, it becomes apparent that he is targeting his rhetoric and actions towards pleasing the Evangelical church goers, the angry white rural voters with the wealthy who are just going along for the ride. 1,374 more words


Mike Rivero - Go To 37 Minutes & Listen To How For Profit Medicine Got Started - Thanks Richard Scum Nixon.

Until 1973, it was illegal for hospitals to profit off of people’s misery until President Richard Nixon signed into law the Health Maintenance Organization Act (HMO’s).   38 more words

It's Time To Take A Stand

As the Democrats roll out one centrist candidate after another and roll up loss after loss, here’s a suggestion for how they might get over the top. 345 more words