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Behind the Bipartisan Kumbaya on Substance Abuse

[This op-ed was posted yesterday on the website of the Milbank Quarterly.] 

For several years, Republicans and Democrats alike have been concerned about the crisis of opioid and heroin addiction in the United States. 1,254 more words

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The Inmates Are Running The Asylum *Open Thread* BREAKING NEWS x 2

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Cruz has announced Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential choice. What an EXCELLENT choice, such a smart, erudite, accomplished, experienced woman, and a Texan to boot! 959 more words

JAMA Forum: Reports of Obamacare’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Recent developments have once again prompted some to declare that the insurance marketplaces developed as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are unsustainable and collapsing. 1,011 more words

The JAMA Forum


Breitbart: “Technology giant Intel announced April 19 it will fire 12,000 skilled U.S.-based professionals — after already swelling its workforce with 14,523 requests in Washington D.C. 130 more words


I'm sick..so go to the dr...I can't afford to

Obamacare, ACA, Medicaid expansion, what ever you want to call it.This is an argument as old as the Obama administration. On the first go around Obama care, wasn’t bad it originally modeled the universal healthcare plans in Canada. 693 more words


Obamacare is reducing the medical debt of low income Americans

…A new study is showing that, by giving health insurance to low-income people, Obamacare seems to have cut down on their debt substantially. It estimates that medical debt held by people newly covered by Medicaid since 2014 has been reduced by about $600 to $1,000 each year.

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Snakebites 195: Bribe All of the Things

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00:28 – Lots of catching up. Scott and his new adventures in health and independence. 153 more words