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In His Own Words

1. No lobbyists
2. Public has 5 days to see bills
3. Tax bills would list what companies would benefit
4. Child Pimp assisting agencies to get $5 billion in stimulus (just an update on that last one)


Single Look Theory

Much ado in the Blargosphere about this today. There are a lot of theories floating around as to the story behind this picture.

I called newly minted Democrat, and former… 54 more words


How to be President

Love the propaganda: Here’s something to keep in the back of your mind anytime the president “addresses the nation,” or decides to “speak directly to the people,” because Dustin Hoffman as Lenny Bruce’s valuable advice to wayward monogamists works for American presidents too: 71 more words


The Great Liberal Panemonium Machine

The Mexican swine flu pandemic? Oh, that’s soooo yesterday. Global Warming? All those confident “scientific” predictions are falling apart around the world, even as greedy politicians still try to squeeze the last little drops of power and money out of them. 240 more words