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50 Donald Trump Quotes That Are So Dumb They’ll Make Your Brain Hurt


Why aren’t we smart? We used to be brilliant.


Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich.


When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo? 1,072 more words

Does Obama Love America?

A few weeks ago former New York Mayor Rudolph Juliani made the statement, “I don’t think Barack Obama loves America. At least not in the way most of us do.” With typical bluntness Juliani laid his finger on a point that many Americans have been wondering to themselves. 933 more words

Obama's Dead Ringer

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March 27, 2011.  President Obama’s controversial and long-awaited birth certificate is finally released by Loretta Fuddy.  (Director of the Hawaiian Dept. 318 more words

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Crazy Right-Wing Birther Claims Obama Is Really a Martian!

Here’s a different take on the whole birther/birthergate conspiracy theories craziness. According to one crazy right-winger, Obama’s original birth certificate has been discovered, and it shows that President Obama is not only a foreigner and a Muslim, but that Obama is really a Martian who is trying to destroy the planet Earth.  18 more words

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Klayman files for deportation of Barack Obama

From WND
By Bob Unruh | 3 October 2014

‘Proceedings should be immediately commenced, an investigation undertaken’

He has sued the National Security Agency, and won at the district court level. 422 more words