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Let's Get Educated - Obama's A+ Plan

Recently I’ve noticed that I really have not been making a clear argument or stating a claim as well as I should. One concern about the education reform that many people have is how will it affect us in the long run? 375 more words

Obama's Education Plan

Is the Obama Administration starting up the whole child tracking issue in schools again?

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Obama wants to track student achievement by tracking standardized testing scores.  Tracking has been used before, usually to place poor and minority children into specialized groups, and  children who start out at a disadvantage may show evidence of that in their standardized testing scores.  740 more words

Education Screw-ups

Jay: 5 Weeks

Only five weeks left.  Big VP debate on Thursday night.  I think that Biden should go right after Palin’s inexperience.  Don’t let up.  McCain and her party have put her in a tough spot.  120 more words


The Candidates on Education

Education has not been a major issue on the campaign trail, but the candidates’ positions should be scrutinized. I’m going to highlight the major differences between McCain and Obama on Education policy and provide links to information on all the presidential candidates’ views on No Child Left Behind (NCLB)- and yes there are more than 2 parties in this country and more than 2 presidential candidates, but unfortunately, the mainstream media largely ignores third parties like the Libertarians, the Green Party, the Independent Ralph Nader, and smaller parties that participate in the Democratic process here in the US of A. 659 more words