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Jan. 19, 2016 Invitation to Visit the Spirit World

Hi my Dearest Darling,

I wish you saw me play Beethoven today. I played it perfectly today. Yes, it is the Moonlight Sonata. I had a larger audience with our spirit group leading the applause. 325 more words


My out of body experience (OBE)

My 3 years younger sister was visiting me during winter time. I was 19, living upstairs of a Finnish-American couple in a small city in East Finland. 2,526 more words

Historical Notes About Out-of-Body Experiences: III. Hector Durville

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This story comes from one of the better blogs about parapsychology. Instead of simply accepting the claims of parapsychology, Dr. Alvarado tries to apply a critical, scientific method. 80 more words


OBE: Good Vibrations

Since I was told I would soon be experiencing another upgrade soon, I asked if I could astral project. I got the go-ahead and so requested again prior to sleep. 1,122 more words


I made Prince Charles laugh yesterday

Yesterday, Prince Charles asked me if older people needed help to use the internet and I asked him if he was angling for a course. He laughed and said something amusing about hacking. 598 more words

Cailee Medina, Corporate Recruiter, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

What do you do in your position?
I am a corporate recruiter for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, a division within Oldcastle that designs, engineers, tests, and manufactures custom glass products. 439 more words


OBE: Fireflies

I had many other OBEs this morning but most of them are long forgotten now. I recall the last one very vividly, though.

OBE: Fireflies… 379 more words

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