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Sleep paralysis and walking lamp

This morning while hovering on the verge of sleep, I drifted into sleep paralysis and hypnogogic imagery again. I had my laptop on, a couple of meters away from me and the fan triggered impressions of someone vacuuming. 612 more words

First Time

Jen came with me to the boiler room, carrying her bag of accommodations. I shut the door as she spread out a microfiber blanket with the little blue whales spouting from their blowholes and a little pillow that was shiny like satin but probably something else. 439 more words


Chawton House Library News ~ Sandy Lerner Honored with the OBE!

Very Exciting news just in! Sandy Lerner, the force behind the turning Chawton House, home to Jane Austen’s brother Edward Knight, into the Chawton House Library… 434 more words

Jane Austen

OBE: Meeting Myself

For the first time in years I could not fall asleep last night. The download I received caused a trickle-down effect that had me overcome with both mental and physical energy. 1,334 more words


Kniha je na pultech

Knížka Roberta Waggonera Lucidní snění: Brána k vnitřnímu já je konečně na pultech.
Dostat český překlad na svět trvalo hodně dlouho, ale konečně se podařilo. 16 more words

Lucidní Snění

OBE: Controlled Exit

After an evening full of vivid, near lucid dreams, I was finally able to project. Surprisingly, I ended up with a fairly controlled exit!

OBE: Controlled Exit… 671 more words

Astral Travel/OBE

Dream: Temptation

Sometimes I have very emotional dreams. This morning I awoke to one such dream.


Most of the details of the beginning of the dream are lost to me now, but I recall the most important details. 828 more words