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The Weirdness Begins

Reblog of  April 9,  2014:

One afternoon,  not long after I gave up my quest for astral travel, I was working at my desk when a very unusual last name popped into my head. 804 more words


Energy events, status and summary April 2015

Since my breakthrough experience in December 2014, it has mostly been back to a silent and seemingly inactive period. Between no dream recall to improved, and a number of brief lucid dreams since then. 1,133 more words

Astral Projection

How it feels to be present

Greetings, this past weekend was rare and filled with new experiences. It has been awhile since I’ve been present. I usually live completely in my head, which idk is a good or bad thing, but this weekend a sense of peace came over me and it felt like I was floating in outerspace. 183 more words


obe - Exit Planet Crust

A giddly little instrumental post-rock ep reviewed by myself alongside an exclusive track stream over at echoes and dust.


OBE: Through the Screen

I had a very brief lucid-dream-to-OBE this morning.

Elevator Tube

I had been dreaming in vivid color of being taken down this elevator at intense speeds. 647 more words


Is there proof of an afterlife?

TNT has a new show starting in June called “Proof”. I must admit, I am intrigued…from the little bit I’ve been able to find about it, it sounds as if it could be interesting. 570 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Dreams of Water

The Holy Well

Sunbathing on hope
Empty of acting
I came upon skywashed seas
And an older me
Ankle deep in water
Faces hanging over… 65 more words