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Rob/ Bor Lions, Inner Crew, Octuplet!

Magician Rob Lion arriving on April 12, 2018! Number 8, making the Septuplet an Octuplet!

I purchased him on April 9, 2018, so he was quick to come home to me. 274 more words

Constantia Oomen

Out Of Body Experiences

We’ve all had those dreams that give us the feeling of being just a little too real. You know the ones, you’re running away from a hidden threat, the common flying or falling sensations with a subtle undercurrent of unease attached or you might just be wading through a Salvador Dali painting. 460 more words

Down the Rabbit Hole

The other night, I was rereading Robert Monroe’s classic, Journeys Out of the Body which I’d first read in college, and have re-read several times over the years.  781 more words


I Got Out In Nature While Ill And Housebound!

I have been commiserating that I can no longer take walks in the woods. The last time I did was last November and it was very difficult for me. 297 more words