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March 30, 2015 - suffocating feeling in chest

I have some news about last night. I don’t know if anyone of you experienced this. But I tried again for OBE and told myself the whole night being aware “ 452 more words


OBE: Going Home via the Spiritual Processing Hub

I became aware while in the in-between. My guide was trying to get me to listen to something he had to say and I had no interest. 1,433 more words


March 29, 2015 – OBE journal

Last night once again I started practicing. Up to this day I wasn’t able to consciously leave my body. It’s the first time for me, so it will probably take some while before I am able to do it correctly. 505 more words

Astral Project

Science of Astral Projection

Learning to astral project was a journey in itself. It all started during the time I was doing weekend security work in a haunted building; the characters of guards that use to be on the second shift were pretty colorful. 1,175 more words

City of Gold

I had a lot happen last night so this post will focus only upon the OBEs I had.

Wrapped in a Blanket

I had been dreaming and had an encounter that was sexual in nature that woke me up. 1,108 more words


March 26, 2015 – OBE journal

Last night I had the possibility and opportunity to sleep alone. I wasn’t that tired so I thought it would be the perfect time to practice to have an OBE. 499 more words