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All Mr. Gates and the Common Core advocates can offer us is more of the same ersatz edubabble that we’ve been feeding off of for decades. 1,107 more words


How I Typically get OOB

The following is a modified excerpt from The Dynamic State book:

The Vertigo Induction Technique

In this context, awareness refers to the concentration of consciousness that sits behind the eyes – often seen as being centered around the pineal gland. 633 more words

Project "IBE"! - Finde Dich.

Hey Leute!
Was geht ab?
Heute will ich euch von einer Idee erzählen, die ich schon seit ein paar Monaten mit mir rumtrage. Der Titel dieses Posts ist auch gleichzeitig der Titel dieses Projekts: IBE. 884 more words



It’s with great joy that we can say now (finally), that the project Flyers was successfully funded at Ulule :)

The campaign is over since Wednesday and  75 more words

Astral Projection

Guinea pigs or priorities?

Behind Nelson Mandela’s now clichéd sentiment regarding education, and how it is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world, there is an undeniable logic. 459 more words

DAY #27

Crew reunion on Sunday tot talk about dates, passports, visa, vaccines, insurance, luggage, equipment, rent, invoices, taxes, food, allergies…

There’re ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT… 18 more words

Astral Projection

Our Kabalistic Mother, the Astral Virgin

THE most compelling, principal teaching of Theosophy is the Astral Light, an all-pervasive invisible force field — a space-filling energy matrix.

This vital invisible substance serves as a universal matrix for the patterns of everything in our physical world. 1,890 more words