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Astral Projection - A true experience or a trick of brain?

A few people claim that they have had bizarre experiences being outside their very own body and roam in a strange astral plane. This post analyses the scientific explanation behind this phenomena. 936 more words

Science Of The Paranormal

Dream, thought and emotion

Trying to play with some metaphysics onĀ dream or also known as astral plane.

Brain consists of (electrical) neural signal and (electromagnetic) brainwave activity, there are scientist working on decoding the brain, creating device like theĀ  1,304 more words


Lucid to OBE: Loving Earth

I awoke at 6:45am awake but not willing to get out of bed. I request to astral project and fell asleep talking with my guide. 780 more words


c3: Out of Body Experiences

No, it was an out of body experience that I was after. In an OBE, as they are affectionately called, the traveler visits a plane that exactly mirrors our physical world. 100 more words


Difference Between A Primate And A Conscious Being

Or to be more precise … their bodily perspective.

Once you learn to expand beyond your form all questions are answered.

Remember our always present consciousness is, for lack of better words, 165 more words

Lou Majors

Lucid to OBE: Where's My Head?

I took 100mg of B6 last night before bed just to see if it would do anything since last time I had a lucid dream that turned into several OBEs. 1,139 more words


Lucid to OBE: Sometimes You Want Cereal

After noting a friend’s success at using B-Complex to induce a lucid dream, I decided to try taking it right before bed.

I use to take B-Complex every night before bed but it began to interrupt my sleep, so I stopped. 1,607 more words