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Welcome! So here i am, finally starting my own blog. I’m not sure how¬†to start and where to end.. All i know is that i needed an escape, somewhere to write all the thoughts going through my mind. 170 more words


Intention Works: 3 OBEs

Last night my daughter came to me asking questions. She had seen a Micky Mouse cartoon in which Mickey had gone to sleep and his astral body had gone out and done all kinds of things. 1,138 more words


The Path of Least Resistance

first published July 8, 2014


I was swept along by the tide of indecision. Always afraid of making a mistake, I never committed wholly to anything. 425 more words


The Battle

Does anyone feel strangely disconnected from this reality, especially in certain, random times. As if they are spectators to their “selves” (which I believe we are – “the body is just a vehicle transporting your soul”) 256 more words


A Strange OBE Experience

I’ve been trying astral projection for almost a year now. The reason I said trying is because I only ever manage to get to intense vibrations, the “floaty”/”weightless” feeling and the hearing loud noises everywhere but it never progresses further from there, sadly. 1,020 more words

Breaking Free and OBE

I spent much of the day yesterday going through my old journals and blog posts in order to identify how many lucid dreams and OBEs I’ve had over the years. 1,097 more words


Humans and Angels

A question many have asked: Are humans angels on Earth?

Answer: No.

Humans are not Angels. They are children of God. Then, one may ask, “Are miracle healers Angels?” 276 more words