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Please withdraw my name

My forebear, Alexander MacCallum Scott was born in the upper Clyde Valley and grew up in Polmont, Scotland. He became an MP and was Private Secretary to Winston Churchill. 14 more words

This Is Not Yesterday

Law of Attraction is a lie

This post will be a little bit harsh and you may feel a little bit bad while you read through but at the end I will tell you how the “system” really works. 1,189 more words



Most of us embrace nostalgia. We long for times past, for the warm pockets of memories with relatives and friends that time and distance separate us from, for the high points of our history that seem to make us at all worthwhile. 869 more words


Astral Travel and Viewing Cells?

On September 23rd, the second day of my pancreas attack, I had my third astral travel experience. It was rather short lived, but somewhat interesting. 592 more words

Dream Journal

Where is the non-physical world?

I was thinking about this subject because people may have this question mostly in their mind and thinking that heavens and other places are somewhere above or below or far away. 506 more words


Kept Blind During Astral Travel

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Last night around 4am I started hearing this weird knocking noise outside. It woke me up. It was not a steady rhythm. I wondered if I should go investigate, but I really didn’t want to. 1,126 more words

Dream Journal

You are NOT physical

In this world, we are conditioned to think from birth that we are a (or we are IN) physical body, our consciousness is in our brain and this life is the only one, we die and we cease to exist – well I couldn’t hear a bigger joke than this, but I used to partly think like that, never could accept. 1,206 more words