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February 27, 2015

Ephesians 4:1 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

I have preached on this verse within the past year, if I’m not mistaken. 561 more words


Unchanging Laws

Last week we started a study about whether or not the commands and instructions given to Biblical Israel apply to us as Christians today. I answered with a qualified “yes” — we are spiritual Israel, which is not so much separate from physical Israel as it was the next step in God’s plan for His chosen nation. 1,330 more words


How about you... are you doing your part?

Think of a hard time you’ve gone through. Maybe it was during a stressful time at work. Maybe it was the panic of realizing how far in debt you are. 186 more words


Oedience to God

One of the most dreadful stories in the entire Bible is the one the ancient Israelites called “the Akeda,” the binding of Isaac. The story is terrible, not simply because it involves human sacrifice, not only because it involves a father’s willingness to kill his own son, but because it seems to set God against God. 246 more words

Like A Red Flag To A Bull

Becoming a child of God does not mean we are free from adversity. We will still face major challenges in our lives. There will also be times when we assume we are in a mess because we always do everything wrong. 628 more words

All Things Work For Good

Obedience Is Key

“If you love me, obey me; John 14:15 (TLB)

It is essential that we consult and obey God in this season of our lives. Our next steps hinge upon His Word, His instructions.   106 more words

Because we are free

our obedience to God is difficult:

it can be achieved only after contest and struggle,

and just this makes the reward of obedience…

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