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Recently I was challenged to find clarity. By clarity I mean God’s clarity; purpose, mission, call. Probably the single most important thing in life because it is my life. 298 more words

My Chosen Portion

Monday, September 26, 2016, 7:38 a.m. – The Lord Jesus put in mind the song “A Believer’s Prayer.” Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read… 1,585 more words


Decisions that Don't Make Sense

Sometimes we have to make decisions that just don’t make sense…

Sometimes in ministry we have to make decisions that just don’t make sense to the world, to our friends, maybe not even to our families. 871 more words


The Deep End

From the time I was a small child, I have had a habit of jumping out of bed in the morning, eager to see what the day had in store. 1,000 more words


Dog Obedience Training Exercise

Dog obedience training is one of the most important areas of every dog’s development. Training your puppy during their early stage of development can assure you that you would have a well-trained dog when he grows up. 17 more words


Do you fear the world?

Galatians 2:11-16 (Epistle)
11 Now when Peter had come to Antioch, I withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed; 12for before certain men came from James, he would eat with the Gentiles; but when they came, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing those who were of the circumcision.13And the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy.14 But when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel, I said to Peter before them all, “If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of Gentiles and not as the Jews, why do you compel Gentiles to live as Jews?
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Biblical Teaching

Let the World Talk

I know I have had this quote of Fenelon’s up before, but I needed it today. Perhaps you do to.

Don’t allow yourself to be upset by what people are saying about you.

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