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Buckling Update

Both bucklings are still for sale, but their disbuddings failed.  They will have scurs or horns.   Their prices have been dropped to reflect that.  Pictures will be posted on the sales page when I can get them. 41 more words


Totes my goats!

I do apologize for my absence… but, I’ve been a bit preoccupied! Merry, our second doe (another first freshener), kidded in the wee early morning hours on Friday. 49 more words


wooly wednesday: fuzzy babies

Perhaps not wooly, but, warm and fuzzy!! My daughter’s Oberhasli doe, Eowyn (aka ‘Fuzzy’) a first freshener, kidded first thing this morning. Twin bucklings (boys)! 32 more words


Loki Had...

No one gave birth yesterday.  Today while milking the alpine, I noticed the Oberhasli who wasn’t ready to give birth standing away from everyone.  Watching her through the stall doors, I could see she was in labor.  93 more words


Less Than Two Weeks

Our Oberhasli have less than two weeks left.   It is still freezing here with 2-3 feet of snow all over the yard.  I’m currently crocheting kid sweaters just in case I need them. 97 more words