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Oberon Wedding - Dallas & Jess

Saturday 17 February 2018…  what a glorious day it was !
A week prior to this beautiful event, the bride was admitted into hospital with pneumonia (in both lungs), and was only discharged the afternoon prior to her “big day”. 130 more words

Candid Photos Of A Lifetime

On Faeries: Pixies

In modern popular culture, it has become fairly common for the term “pixie” to be used interchangeably with “fairy” as a generic term for faerie folk. 1,117 more words


State of My Life

All know seasons come and go,
Porgy and Bess’s “Summertime,”
starts slow lament,
then quick tempo.
I dream of summer
when mercury’s plunging
far below. 332 more words


Critter Photography

Critter Photography

Oberon and Me, during the winter months, it is just us.

©2018 CLStauber

Miscellaneous Musings

It's Been 32 Years Since We Last Explored Uranus

Voyager 2 may have been the second of NASA’s famous twin exploration spacecraft but it actually launched first, on August 20, 1977. Eight and a half years later it became the first (and, to date, last) spacecraft to visit  388 more words