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Invitation to a Dream

The sun enthroned at its height
gleaming gold, glorious light
now falls away to gentle pink
to greet the starlit night.

Gentle hands and dancing feet… 67 more words


You Know Your With The Right Person When. . .

Your Biggest Fight Is “Who Loves Who More! “


Oberon and I don’t fight. We really don’t, we do however on occasion disagree and rarely but sometimes we will argue. 266 more words

Fairy Queen

All the Bells [Oberon] and Whistles

Don’t be fooled by the beachy blue and orange label. Bell’s Oberon Ale packs a punch with a bitter, orange taste. The fruity notes make this beer lighter and easier to throw back. 207 more words


Sword Art Online - Episode 24 - "Gilded Hero" - Gratuitous Tropes

    This episode is the final objectification of Asuna as well as giving us a retreated of tropes that were already covered in the first half of the series. 360 more words


Sword Art Online - Episode 21 - "The Truth About ALfheim" - Gratuitous Victimization

    This is where the series takes a sharp tonal shift and where it lost all potential to be great as it went for cheap victimization while downplaying the victimization and stealing Asuna’s agency just as she claims it this episode. 285 more words


New on 500px : The Last Of Us by Dylken

Lake Oberon, South-West Tasmania.

This is the only sunset image of Lake Oberon I’ve shared from my 8 day hike in the Western Arthurs with Chris Wiewióra​, Luke Tscharke​ and Gav Gavin Owen​. 113 more words

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