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Changelings: fairy thefts of human children

“Some night tripping fairy had exchanged/ In cradle clothes our children where they lay…” Shakespeare, Henry IV Part One, Act I, scene 1.

I have several times alluded to the very widespread belief in changelings, but I want to examine it more closely in this posting.   1,425 more words

Oberon's Antics

Aww, isn’t that so sweet?  Such a sensitive pup.

Don’t let him fool you.  Oberon the Destroyer is trying to eat the rose. :)

Miscellaneous Musings

Puck, Oberon, and Gay Representation: Creating Cohesion in A Midsummer Night's Dream

This week I wanted to take a break from the tragedy analysis. Of course, it feels more potent to make dramatic roles more accessible, but re-approaching comedic roles can do just as much if not more to normalize minority or ostracized groups of people. 771 more words

LGBT Shakespeare

Oberon's Travel theme: Bark

Travel theme: Bark

Oberon likes to talk – a lot.  And he had his opinion about our “meet and greets” this weekend with the Dog Vacay potential dog sitters.   152 more words


Oberon's Adventures

Oberon has his passport for travel out and we’ve been doing some exploring this weekend for some new places for him to stay while Mom goes on her upcoming trip.   114 more words


Project Oberon

I’ve written several times about Project Oberon, I guess I’m kind of obsessed with it.  There is just something delicious about a computer that is so open, all the way down to the code that generates the processor itself. 592 more words