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Red, White and Blue Fairy Dust For You All!

WISHING YOU ALL A BLESSED, SAFE AND HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! From Tatiana Fairy Queen and Oberon Lord of the Wild!

They’ll be a million flashing stars in the sky tonight, don’t forget to wish on them lovelies!

Fairy Queen

Midsummer Night Fever: Trinity Laban's 1970s A Midsummer Night's Dream

Oberon reaches near-Bowie levels of magnificence in a feather-fringed fur coat, PVC trousers and glam rock makeup; Tytania shimmers in a pink evening gown and boa worthy of any cabaret diva. 88 more words


Titania Sleeping , 1841 Ressam Richard Dadd

Titania Sleeping  , 1841 Ressam Richard Dadd

İngiliz ressam viktorya dönemi ressamlarındandır. Dadd şizofreni hastasıydı en bilinen eserlerini hastanede yapmıştır. Daha çok doğa üstü, fantastik öğeleri resmetmeyi seviyordu. 105 more words


Season Four, Episode Eight, The Mountain and the Viper

I’m almost too scared to watch this one. I honestly don’t know if Tyrion lives or dies and if he dies I think it might be a death too far as he is definitely, 100% my favourite character (sorry Dany, Brienne, Jaime, Margaery, even Joffrey – fabulous as you all are, the imp rules). 396 more words

Mine!!!. . I Mean. . I'm Sorry. . .

I’m not perfect, far from it. Especially when something hurts my feelings, my self-defense mechanism is too shut down or push away. It makes me a brat sometimes even when I don’t want to be one. 361 more words

Fairy Queen

Arthur Du Bois, The Manliest Character I've Ever Made

So everyone has characters they gravitate towards when they make them. I draw 2 kinds of characters: Cute little monsters having a good time ( 303 more words


Boys Will Be Boys!

On our date night last night, Oberon and I went to a restaurant that had a beautiful  fireplace in the middle of the dining area. We took a lovely picture together in front of said fire-place and I’ve been mooning over this picture all day at work. 211 more words

Fairy Queen