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Ups and Downs

I’ve been incredibly lazy with this blog, so I thought I should check in. I’ve been feeling very positive this week after starting my new job on Monday and losing 4lbs on Tuesday at SW. 227 more words


Bru meets Girl. The story so far.

Hi folks, over the last couple of years I’ve developed a confidence problem. It could cost me everything I hold dear. If I want to make things right and hold on to my family I have a herculean task to complete. 1,254 more words


Your Definitive Guide to Losing Body Fat

We curse the dimpled cellulite that has settled on our thighs and survey the pudge around our belly with a quick poke and a disapproving eye. 888 more words

MSG Everywhere You Go

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a common flavor enhancer added to soups, canned vegetables, processed meats and is most often associated with Chinese foods.  However, MSG is almost unavoidable here in Thailand.  411 more words


More than 1,400 babies have been classified as overweight

Britain’s obesity epidemic has spread to some of the youngest members of the nation, after figures revealed that 1,400 new-born babies have been classified as significantly overweight in the last four years. 257 more words


March Jogging Madness Starts a Day Early

I’ve been planning on getting really back into my jogging groove starting in March.  I started a day early, ran 2 miles at ~10:30 pace.  I also drank my last two diet cokes and consumed my last two peanut butter eggs–at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  295 more words

Bluegrass 10000