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What does 50 lbs mean?

Recently I hit a big milestone in my journey to health…I have lost 50 lbs.  It was the first major goal that I had met and it really gave me a boost of confidence that I was doing the right thing, getting healthier and encouraging me to keep pressing on.   343 more words

Sleeping-In On Weekends Linked To Lower Body Weight

Catching up on lost sleep over weekends may help people keep their weight down, according to a study in South Korea.

Not getting enough sleep can disrupt hormones and metabolism and is known to increase the risk of obesity, researchers write in the journal Sleep. 507 more words


Carol's Story, Lesley's Story

How was your morning?

Quick and comfortable?

Or fast and furious?

Or maybe nothing happened at all?

Did you know? Your food choices have a direct effect on the next morning . 353 more words

Gluten Free

Part 3.....

So the changes begin. We totalled up how many calories I was consuming per day and we had an estimate of anywhere between 4,000 & 5,000 per day. 429 more words

Gentrification and Obesity

On History Bites, a captioned response to a 1911 *video from the Museum of Modern Art asks,  “And is anybody overweight?432 more words


Chocolate Cake and War

I was sitting at the table we had finished dinner we’re now having dessert. And we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen.

185 more words
Donald J. Trump

Kids Biased Against Overweight Peers, Study Finds

CBS Local– Irrespective of whether children are being overtly mean to fellow kids that are overweight, they’re also subconsciously implicitly biased against them, according to a study posted in the journal… 443 more words