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This is my social media status of the day. I thought I would pass it along to Word Press

Why do you want everything to die? 91 more words

World Health Organization Lists the GMO Herbicide Glyphosate (In Roundup Ready) as a Possible Cause of Cancer

Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed the GMO herbicide as a possible cause of cancer. There are numerous studies that show Glyphosate causes all sorts of human maladies, such as autism, cancer, obesity and many other things. 232 more words


The True Test of a Shrinking Lard-Ass

Yesterday my girls and I attended opening day at Kings Dominion, one of the big amusement parks in the state we live in. We get season passes each year, and I can gauge whether I have gained or lost weight by how my ass fits in the coaster seats. 446 more words


Weight loss in a sensible way that is heart healthy

As a retired physician, I generally have not endorsed any weight loss programs in the past.  I always try to teach people to understand that their biggest enemy are the advertisers and food processors.   330 more words

Get the entire family involved in tackling childhood obesity: Canadian report

Monitor children’s height, weight and body mass index, their fitness levels, lifestyle and eating habits, doctors are urging parents and pediatricians in new Canadian guidelines on preventing childhood obesity. 686 more words


Blame and shame – an unhealthy game

‘I’m sure it all started when I fell off that bus,’ said a friend who’d been diagnosed with a serious cancer of the digestive tract. 882 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both

U.S. Kids Getting Fewer Daily Calories From Fast Food

By Randy Dotinga
HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, March 30, 2015 (HealthDay News) — American children are getting fewer calories a day from fast food restaurants, but one-third still eat ready-to-go pizza, chicken and burgers on a daily basis, a new study finds. 664 more words

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