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Obesity Can Actually Scar Your Fat Tissue, Making Weight Loss Even Harder

Our body’s fat-storing mechanisms – called adipose tissues – are very good at the job of taking our excess calories and storing them in the form of high-energy molecules called lipids. 626 more words


Another January, another diet

January is the month of new diets, new eating regimes and ever more bizarre food restrictions.  We are bombarded with articles about lifestyle changes to enhance our health and well-being; magazines are full of meal plans and recipes which promise to  ensure we won’t die any time soon.  625 more words

Why do we care how much Trump weighs?

I know that we all want to clutch onto every piece of evidence we find that Trump is a despicable human, hold them close, let them keep us warm at night, and build bomb shelters from them. 205 more words

Eat better feel better

The Scottish Government have relaunched the Eat Better Feel Better website. The site is aimed at parents and encourages healthier eating. A range of recipes and healthier snack options are offered.

Scottish Health & Social Care

JAMA special issue on obesity

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) have published an issue on the theme of obesity. There are articles on surgery options for obesity and also on taxation, health warnings, dieting and precision approaches. 9 more words

Health Behaviour And Inequality

What You Must Know About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is a procedure through which obese people lose weight by reducing the stomach size with the help of a gastric band or by removing a portion of the stomach or by re-routing small intestines to a small stomach pouch. 639 more words

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Should you call a nurse fat if you think they're overweight?

One of the country’s most senior nurses has said patients should say something to health workers if they think they are overweight.

Chief nursing officer Fiona McQueen was responsible for drawing up policy on how best to tackle the growing problem of obesity in the UK. 457 more words