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the sugar tax

Obesity is a chronic health condition that is characterized by excess body fat, which increases an individual’s risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and cancer among other severe health conditions. 520 more words

Public Health

Self-regulation of junk food advertising to kids doesn't work. Here's why.

Recently, Cancer Council NSW published a study finding that food industry self-regulation in Australia has not been effective in reducing children’s exposure to unhealthy food marketing. 483 more words

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Stupid metabolic changes

In my “About” section, I mention that during the first go-round, seventeen years ago, the weight loss happened relatively easily. I then state that things have changed, since then, like now I’m post-menopausal, and have two bad knees and walk with a cane. 74 more words

Weight Loss

Blokes Need to Man-Up & Lose Weight

I read an interesting article recently about men and weight loss which stated that 70% of Australian men are overweight or obese compared to only 56% of women. 416 more words

Weight Loss

To Better Health, the Easy Way.

It is probably true  that everyone knows a person that is either obese, diabetic or pre-diabetic. That is a very sad statement of the health or our nation and the world.   433 more words

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While going to the doctor for your annual physical and waiting in the exam room you see a BMI chart. As you look at your height and drag your eyes to your weight , the words OBESE are in bold.

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