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5 Stages of Grief

At this point in my life, I am no stranger to grief and the process through which that grieving is achieved. It sucks royally.  I would never wish this horrific process on anyone. 979 more words


Christians & Tattoos, 21 Century?

By all means this is a very difficult topic to address, but I must due to the confusion and denial of scripture that is causing us as Christians to conform to the things of this world. 1,110 more words

Sayings Saturday...

“Don’t be a people pleaser…be a pleaser of God and willing to obey Him in all things.”


Sayings Saturday...

While I'm Waiting.....

So….today was the official first day of my man cleanse, dating fast, whatever I’m calling it. There are no eloquent words that come to mind to adequately describe my thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. 1,210 more words


Fast Dating? Seriously God!?

So God has called me to fast dating, at least for the next eight months. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a near impossible task for me. 1,647 more words


Passing Illusion

Today’s Reading:Romans 1:24-27 Version CEV
There are some in our generation that live hallucinated by the desire for adventure and success. Propaganda, for the most part, is aimed at young people, so unisex is preferred and the same uses and customs are adapted to males and females. 180 more words

Daily Message

A New Breed of Righteousness

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Scripture reading: Luke 22:41-47

Jesus Christ is trying to tell us, His people, that there is a new breed of righteousness that He is bringing forth in the earth. 864 more words

Christian Walk