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D*Face, Misfits and Misprints at StolenSpace

I’m a little late with my review of D*Face‘s last exhibition, Misfits and Misprints, at his home turf of StolenSpace. It’s now made way for the London Police, sadly. 468 more words


Who is waiting for you to be obedient?

“Somebody in need is waiting on the other side of your obedience”

I was listening to a podcast today and heard this quote. It just struck me in that place of unfinished to do lists :) 272 more words


That Ought To be.

A passiveness cannot be termed as an  obeisance

an  obeisance cannot be called  a subservience

a subservience cannot be noted as  a fear

a fear cannot be called  a terror… 11 more words


How to Hear the Sound of Rustling

Hello, my friends, in case you missed me we had a long weekend travelling down to Portland, Oregon and back. Lack of reliable internet, a proper keyboard (phones are just too small for my fingers) and  a big enough screen (sense a theme?) meant blogging would be out for that time but here I am bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to pick up again. 625 more words


Chatting With Miss Daisy

One Saturday night, my husband was watching TV and I was reading a book, when our phone rang. I ran to answer it, when on the fourth ring I could tell he wasn’t going to budge. 452 more words

Shine like Stars

Hello again! Today’s lesson is also from Philippians 2. This is from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. (These letters were written by Paul, but Paul was very close to God and knew God’s heart. 329 more words

Faith Over Desperation

I gave my valued fabric to a tailor to fix for me. I got there on the day he promised me to pick them up and to my utter dismay he had messed them up completely. 579 more words