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Renewed In The Spirit by Lisa Brown

I tell my son when I tuck him in at night that, “God’s mercies are new every morning.”    I remind my daughter that God sees her and knows her. 621 more words

God's Conditions

God is gracious, and His mercy endures forever! Yet, He expects us to obey Him. Our willingness to obey is important to God. It acknowledges our love and reverence for Him. 280 more words

Crystal Monae'

SOAP Journal - 26 September 2016 (Genesis 6:22)

Thus Noah did; according to all that God had commanded him, so he did.

Genesis 6:22

What God had commanded Noah was a gargantuan undertaking. God told Noah to build an enormous container (the word translated “ark” is also used in Exodus when talking about the “basket” into which Moses was placed) and to fill that container with animals and food. 529 more words


Who is the Source?

Have you ever tried going to two different directions at the same time? Well, I guess not. It’s either you go here, or there, right, or left.

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Take Captive Every Thought

2 Corinthians 10:5
We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

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How I know it's happening...

I want to preface everything I may say to come with God is doing something big.
Way big.
Too big for me to fathom.

And while we get so excited about saying those things, the only reason I know is because I’m going through the fire. 332 more words


The New King

Welcome back. Today’s story is from 1 Samuel 31-2 Samuel 5.  Today’s story has a LOT of people making bad, sneaky choices.

The Philistines attacked Israel (again) and King Saul and his boys were helping to fight. 463 more words