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Crimson Seeds

Popularizing the ‘Other’ Tale.
The Male Tale Told in the Voice of the Woman.

Abduction? | Or Seduction!
Hades | Persephone

The Queen.
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Liam Connell

LIAM CONNELL // pen & paper artist 

Contact and see what Liam is up to; 

Email: conn.artist11@gmail.com

Instagram: @conn_theartist

Upcoming: www.rawartists.org/conntheartist

Photo Story.....It's DIFFERENT

Photography is an ART….One can well find that in this shot.

It was just a chance I had been for lunch in a hotel in Jamshedpur in 2016 and the show case inside the Restaurant lobby caught my attention. 9 more words



In Hungarian many things are so complicated but logically explained and there’s a reason for almost everything happening as it is.

Teacher once told me: “You must have heard how they say ‘I love you’ “. 379 more words


What is OOPs?

Programming Languages can be classified into multiple paradigms. And paradigms are a way to classify programming languages based on their features.

Common programming languages types: 470 more words