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And Even So

We aim

To feel connected recognized valuable
To reveal meanings reasons refuges
To be together while staying alone
To hold while being held
To find the answer… 57 more words


Weathered Steed

mounted on a wall

no wind moves this weather vane

impressive as art

At Peddlar’s Village, Lahaska Pa.

EdC. 9 more words


Chasing all our life..

The chase is on

Was or is it ever off??

Before birth the chase starts

And it don’t end

Till after our death also

But the sad part is… 144 more words

Better You

Transitional object

When Bibi found her lost bunny

(dirty white fur with big ears),

having missed him for six days,

she said:

‘I’ll have to get used to having him, because I was getting used to not having him.’ 7 more words

In The Name of Art

In these works, I have presented a dichotomy that challenges the perception of the untouchable object, the work of art. By failing to interact, by not touching, by not intervening and not ‘ruining’ the artwork, we not only devalue the lives of the performers and the value of that which is outside the artwork, but we also devalue ourselves. 49 more words