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A monochrome image is what you perceive me to be.

I am neither white nor black and don’t fit anywhere in between.

I cannot be typified or reduced to a hue somewhere on the grayscale, 92 more words


Normal Heterosexual Desire or Objectification?





While the majority of men would never sexually assault a woman or girl, and many would not sexually harass a women or girl, almost ALL girls and women have had the experience of being sexually harassed. 496 more words

Sex Tips

Review: A Buddhist History of the West

David R. Loy, State University of New York Press, Albany 2002.

In A Buddhist History of the West, David Loy extends the idea of scarcity (or Lack, using Buddhist terms) to include spiritual emptiness.  1,074 more words


Explanation for that viral street harassment video

By: Andrea Alarcón

I was not going to write about this, given that well, everyone has. But I figured I should give an explanation to why you are no longer my Facebook friend. 877 more words


What does it feel like to experience street harassment and slut shaming?

I guess some people just don’t understand the damage that can be done when they shout things out at girls who are simply trying to walk down the street. 75 more words

Slut Shaming

A really non-funny non-joke

So a friend of mine just posted this on Facebook and I found it such a shame that I was the only one who seemed to be alarmed by it. 319 more words




“A partnership between women and men, a shared commitment to fight against the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls.”