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Objections, anyone?

You may not have heard the latest novel interpretation of the Rules that the Insolvency Service have provided. To say that quite a few knickers have got twisted following their announcement is an understatement. 546 more words


8 Ways to Combat Objections

A proponent of evidence can counter anticipated objections with a motion in limine before trial starts, but usually counsel counters objections to evidence after the opponent objects at trial. 432 more words

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A 5 Step Technique to Pick Up Beautiful Women

I have listened to all the best pick up artists and dating coaches out there. I have also spoken with many unknown pick up artists who operate on my city streets; these guys go out by themselves in the evening, and pick up some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. 1,386 more words

Picking Up Girls

Overcoming a Woman's Objections to Your Advances and Pick up

This article is an intermediate and advanced teaching about how to successfully deal with a woman’s objections to your advances.

To be fair and honest with you readers, I would consider myself an advanced beginner pick up artist who is still at the beginner level. 1,559 more words

Picking Up Girls

the four year career - embracing doubt

The secret is listening through. This is the Tai-Chi approach to handling objections, and it will drastically change how you and your team move forward… 104 more words

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the basic thrust of the defense is to point out what is absent rather than attack what is not absent.

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Can you understand the costumer? (Handling Objections)

Last week I wrote about how I handle price-based objections and I hope you learned something from it. If you did not learn anything new, that just means you are just as smart as I am or maybe it is the other way around. 713 more words