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Network Marketing: A Top 10 Guide to Handling Objections

When it comes to Network Marketing there will always be prospects with objections but the beautiful thing is that very rarely do they ever have one that is knew. 1,489 more words


A World at War


What General Weygand called the battle of France is over. I expect that the battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization.

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When it comes to prospecting, seek and ye shall find

Whether you are prospecting for new clients, customers, sellers, or buyers, the process is ongoing and never ending. Why? There are always new prospects, but it seems difficult to locate them at times. 272 more words


Is inoculation better than isolation? (Podcast)

Last weekend I attended a debate/discussion between Ryan Bell and Sean McDowell. The event was hosted by Justin Brierley from the Unbelievable? radio show and podcast. 167 more words


Uncontrolled Shivers

Despite my mind’s protests
and my heart’s objections
I still shiver throughout my body
when I think of
what we could’ve been


Public Consultation starts Sept for Housing Sites - New Draft Local Plan

In line with all local authorities across the country, Liverpool is publishing its new Draft Local Plan in September.  This document (formerly the Unitary Development Plan or UDP) aims to set out all of the council’s plans for the city  for the foreseeable future (to 2033). 418 more words

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