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When Your Sales Strategy Isn’t Working
(10 Things You May Not Be Doing)

While it’s true that there are tons of Acupuncturists who are smashing their sales and revenue targets, you may not be one of them (and believe me I’ve been there). 1,346 more words

Is our mind the same as the brain?

The mind is an immaterial reality and is different from the brain showing that the immaterial world exists.

One of the most important arguments for theism comes down to the existence of the mind. 550 more words


RHF Questions Class (Week 1)

Last August I attended the Cross Examined Instructor Academy in North Carolina. I would highly recommend this event to anyone that is interested, and this August it will be in Costa Mesa, CA. 295 more words


Has our universe been designed?

God’s Crime Scene by J. Warner Wallace examines eight pieces of evidence that are found inside our universe. Reasons are given for the existence of each piece of evidence and that it is necessary to explain where this evidence came from. 786 more words

The Multiverse and Creationism

I have, in the past, written about the multiverse–the idea, usually offered in answer to the fine-tuning of this universe, that there exist trillions upon trillions of different universes, if not, in fact, an infinite amount of such different universes, all with different physical laws and constants–and I have also written about how certain atheists often appeal to the multiverse as a “get anything you want or need naturalistically” card, and though I have also shown that atheistic appeals to the multiverse might not be as beneficial as atheists believe them to be, I will, in this thought, also note that another funny point about atheistic appeals to the multiverse is that although atheists often rail against creationism and chant that accepting creationism is utterly irrational and “anti-science”, it actually is the case that if the multiverse does exist, then, the fact is, it is highly likely that many “creationist-style” universes exist given that, in a multiverse, such created universes could easily be made by some kind of hyper-advanced being–in fact, if an infinite number of universes exist, then there are arguably a massive plethora, or even an infinite number of such creationist-styles universes that exist; and what this means is that if the atheist wishes to push the multiverse card as a means to account for the fine-tuning of this universe, then, by extension, such an atheist should arguably become silent about creationist-style ideas, for the fact is that in a multiverse, there is no way of knowing whether or not we are presently in a creationist-style universe–essentially, a universe which was intelligently designed and which appears old (based on our current science) but which is, in reality, actually only a few thousand years old–and so, in appealing to the multiverse, atheists give serious legitimacy and weight to creationism in general, for indeed, though such an idea might not necessarily support orthodox Christian creationism per se, atheistic endorsements of the multiverse without doubt make general creationism (and even a creationism very closely resembling Christian Creationism) eminently rational to believe in, which is a particularly humorous result given the general antipathy that most atheists feel towards creationism of any form…and perhaps the funniest issue is that in seeking to avoid the fine-tuning problem by appealing to the multiverse, atheists actually completely support the idea of the intelligently designed fine-tuning of this universe, for a creationism universe is an intelligently designed one, and thus atheistic attempts to defeat the problem of fine-tuning actually make fine-tuning that much easier to believe in.

Misguided Atheist vs. Uninformed Christian: My thoughts on a podcast by Stefan Molyneux

A few months ago I posted a link to this blog on my Facebook page. A former acquaintance of mine saw the post (she may have read some of my blog posts, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t read most of them) and sent me the following private message: 783 more words


Why Using these 5 Steps,You Can Effectively Answer Any Objection?

In nearly every situation, when people get into a discussion, there are bound to be certain questions or objections. When you’re in leadership, you must be comfortable, ready, willing and able to handle any objection or concern! 506 more words