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When you think you are winning ...

So, here’s the thing.  A few people saw this interview Jordan Peterson interview and began highlighting it as a great example of how to do battle with hostile, sceptical people who misunderstand you, sometimes wilfully. 958 more words

The Christian Life

Complexity doesn't disprove EC

A staple of anti Evolutionary Creation articles is pointing out the complexity of some detail in creation.  This is a bemusing argument from creationists which misses the point.  226 more words

Science & Scripture

The Storyteller

I am often asked by my family and friends why I tell personal stories when addressing difficult political, social, moral, and ethical problems in North American society. 349 more words


How To Disappear Hidden Objections | Mind Persuasion

It’s Tough To Overcome Their Objections If You Don’t Know What They Are

There are two ways to overcome their objections. Preframe or outframe them. Both techniques you require you know what their objections are. 23 more words

The No. 1 Rule in Sales Is to Forget What You've Been Taught About Sales

(Source: www.inc.com)

Like many people who graduate with a degree in sociology, my first official job after university was in sales.

Traveling and meeting small-business owners throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia was an incredible experience that helped to… 757 more words

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5 Questions About "Thoughts and Prayers" After a Mass Shooting

After a mass shooting, you’d think that any genuine sympathy for those affected would be appreciated, or at least not greeted with contempt. But the reactions online to those offering prayers are becoming increasingly hostile. 1,382 more words


Carbon emissions from proposed flight school

We have calculated the CO2 emissions for this development. The Bantam 912 80hp engine burns 16.3 litres of fuel per flying hour at 75% power. 180 more words