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Can you understand the costumer? (Handling Objections)

Last week I wrote about how I handle price-based objections and I hope you learned something from it. If you did not learn anything new, that just means you are just as smart as I am or maybe it is the other way around. 713 more words


Don't let the outlier get you down

For stand-up comics, the ultimate challenge is the heckler.  In sales, we have hecklers too; and they can make a mess of your presentation if you’re not careful. 1,039 more words


Sales Workshop - why attend?

There is an old saying, that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. In our  (sales persons) case, we go to workshops to improve our selling skills. 296 more words

Sales Professional

Building Value (Handling Objections)

Last week I made a post about the dynamics between price and value. I hope the idea about building value, as a response to price objections made you re-evaluate how you tackle those objections. 1,135 more words


Network Marketing Prospecting Objections: "I Don't Have Time" • Jay Warren

It is one of the more common and tougher network marketing prospecting objections to overcome is, what do you say when they tell you I don’t have time?