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Riots! Riots Everywhere!

Modern trends for free expression culminate around events that are tragic, either to society as a whole or local communities, gathering together to show support for the side you ride the bandwagon with and declare the crimes of the opposing side; like an eternal football game on the world’s stage, the two sides battle it out. 1,310 more words

Liberty Lampoon #5

Welcome to Liberty Lampoon! This week we talked about the DNC leaks and the total silence from the MSM. We broke down an “article” from… 101 more words


Meditation and Objectivism

At first glance Objectivism and meditation may seem violently at odds with one another. Objectivism is the philosophy of rational egoism – it champions the mind and upholds thought as the most noble of pursuits, and it does so in the name of the self; meanwhile, meditation explicitly strives for the ‘death of the ego’, and much of its practices focus on stopping your thinking. 594 more words

Ayn Rand

The Importance of Self-Definition

If you do not define yourself, then your enemies shall do the job for you.

My difficulty in naming this website was reflective of the difficulty it is to name the movement that this website proclaims to be a part of. 993 more words


Plato's Dialectic

Plato held that in philosophy, we arrive at the truth by means of a process of “dialectic.” Dialectic, for Plato, works as follows:

  • We begin by having one person put forward an answer to the problem in question on the basis of certain arguments.
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Remembering The Philosophy of Bioshock

Bioshock: The Collection has just released here in the UK and I’m finding the critical consensus regarding these games to be somewhat sniffier than I remember. 1,214 more words


What Your Position on Patents Reveals About You

It is surprising how much your position on patents reveals about your philosophical premises.  We need to first understand five fundamental facts about patents.

  1. The wealthiest countries in the world have the strongest patent systems.
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