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Blue skies & green grass

Day one of a new year and I am enjoying the sunshine under tufted clouds and the high up rustling of trees in full leaf. The world hums with possibility; it is a great thing to be alive. 112 more words

Ayn Rand In Quotes: "Atlas Shrugged: Either-Or and A is A"

I finally finished “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand –  today I closed the last 1075th page of that book. A few days ago, while visiting my parents-in-law for Christmas, my brother-in-law picked the book and asked what is it about. 780 more words


Ayn Rand and International Politics

In a previous post I promised to write about Ayn Rand and her views on international politics, based on a recently published article.

I find Ayn Rand a fascinating figure in libertarian history, for a number of reasons. 1,315 more words


He Said What?

I was rereading one of the articles I posted about in the prior post, the one entitled The Ten Commandments Rationally Considered (it was renamed to The Ten Commandments: Not Freedom Friendly). 408 more words


Post Christmas Rant: Weaving Two Tales of an Objectivist Christmas

First, a belated Merry Christmas to my few readers!

Today, this first day after Christmas, we are going to be visiting two articles by two Popular Objectivists (one is a semi-successful Randian author (and reads like it) the other is the Grand Pooh-Bah of the orthodox Objectivist movement (the orthodox Objectivist movement is the group of Objectivists that dare not contradict the Grand Pooh-Bah)). 1,389 more words

Christmas (Shouldn't) Be More Commercial

As I try to do every year, it is time to take out Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s ridiculous article “Christmas Should Be More Commercial,” and beat it up a little bit. 765 more words