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Objectivism and Flak

Over the years, I have taken a lot of flak from people regarding my acceptance of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.  Especially in recent months, has this increased.  857 more words

Egoisme itu Baik

Apakah cita-cita anda ‘bermanfaat bagi negara, masyarakat atau umat’? Kita hidup di suatu negara yang kental akan budaya kebersamaan. Begitu kental sehingga konsep individualisme itu jahat atau setidaknya dianggap menentang… 330 more words


What is it that is to be done with our pasts?

I have tried everything- distancing myself from my past- its people, emotions, and stories, attaching myself to my past- allowing my self and identity to be defined and molded by it, drowning myself in it- effectively stagnating in living at all, learning from it, constantly battling it, making peace, healing wounds, diggin’ them back up, restructuring it, glorifying it, and seeing it for it was and what it has done to my thinking. 563 more words

Growing Into Me

A Refutation of G.E. Moore's Critique of Ethical Egoism: A Dialogue

In a post on Reddit, a user called /u/Regtik quoted the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Egoism, which features G.E. Moore’s criticism that ethical egoism is self-contradictory. 2,689 more words

Ayn Rand

"Existence Exists": The axiom which fails its own assertion, and why the "Law of Identity" and "Law of Non-Contradiction" collectivize reality, and thus do NOT identify and DO contradict

A simple Google search using this criteria “existence exists” yielded this result at the top of the page, from Importance of Philosophy.com.

“Existence exists is an axiom which states that there is something, as opposed to nothing.  1,773 more words


Telescopic Philanthropy

I’ve said this many times, but it bears repeating. Conservative evangelicals as a whole do a lot to help the poor ; they’re good at giving things to the poor. 723 more words

Moral relativity is a moral norm that is based on the self or nation. Moral relativism is the relation of the norm or a moral value on the person, the agent, or a society that he belong. 707 more words