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The Individual First! Period! You are not any good to anyone else unless you get yourself squared away first!!!!

Fountainhead Howard Roarks Speech
Thousands of years ago, the first man discovered how to make fire. He was probably burned at the stake he had taught his brothers to light, but he left them a gift they had not conceived, and he lifted darkness off the earth. 796 more words


Social Media is Ruining Your Life

We’re born with an agreement with life: Follow the staircase and walk through the doors: college, marriage, taxes, voting, babies, retirement, debt. Do what we say and everything will turn out just fine. 529 more words

What is Individualism? What is Collectivism?

Modern political debates, from the 18th Century up until today, are full of appeals to the ideas of individualism and collectivism, whether open or merely implied. 4,454 more words

Ayn Rand

Rearden Metal: The Product of Freedom

Rearden metal is the creation of self-made millionaire magnate Hank Rearden, who slaved away in ore mine during his teenage years. His efforts paid off as he eventually bought the mine and began producing steels himself. 308 more words


A Thursday Quote For Thought, #3, 2016

She spoke on a single, level tone, as if she were reciting an austere catechism of faith.  She stood without moving, her feet in flat shoes planted apart, her shoulders thrown back, her arms hanging straight at her sides.  

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Rule #1: Stay Connected to Reality

The objective common stock investor strives to automatize in his mind that, ultimately, a stock represents part ownership of an actual business. He does this because he realizes that he must be able to bring all of his concepts back to reality, i.e., to the perceptual level, in order for them to be considered valid. 30 more words

Objectivist Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator

Myers-Briggs is a widely used personality inventory for businesses, interestingly there hasn’t been one done for the characters from Ayn Rand’s  Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.  44 more words