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Inconsistency and Contradiction


I despise inconsistency. And my friend, this world we live in makes it damn near impossible to be consistent. Why? Because everyone looks at reality at an abstracted level. 997 more words


In and American Thinker post, “Calamity Impending for the Clintons” by Scott S. Powell, a passage stood out:

In his Farewell Address of 1796, George Washington laid out the essentials for the rise and prosperity of America:

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About Victories

The house is white, like in all my childhood dreams,

Tall walls, frightening windows and white veils, to get lost in it, like in all my childhood dreams. 372 more words

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Bioshock's Dark Tribute to Ayn Rand

Atlas shrugged-and built an underwater nightmare…

Though at heart a darkly entertaining first person shooter, the 2007 game Bioshock 717 more words

Why NAIRU Is Nonsense

By George P. Brockway, originally published May 7, 1999

MANY YEARS AGO, when I was a college undergraduate, there was some talk on campus about… 1,895 more words

The Dismal Science

Ayn Rand, Objectivism and the Carceral State

Hola! Everybody,
I’m always amazed when I listen to people cite Ayn Rand. I often wonder if such people have ever critically appraised her work. This much I know: she has no business being quoted by those who are opposed to our racist criminal justice system. 1,653 more words