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Google’s Pony Express & An Objectivist Theory Of Video Games

Around midnight on April 14th, 1860, the rider on the first westbound run of the Pony Express clattered into San Francisco, California, on his horse. The mail he carried had been borne at a gallop across the desert of the American West. 1,217 more words


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Hobbies include: Playing victim

We discover things about ourselves that are so glaring but we’re busy blaming every other person that we don’t see/feel what is right inside of us. 381 more words

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Both Aesop and Jesus warned of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Too be sure, people who are selfish predators will try to fool us into thinking that they’re “one of us.” Witness the billionaire politician who claims to care about the working class. 892 more words


Feminism and the Future

Imagine a rich, new media landscape—one that extols complex heroines whose lives expand a young woman’s sense of the many ways that it is possible to be; one that de-emphasizes sexuality and appearance as the measures of a woman’s worth. 4,091 more words


The Objectivism of Minecraft

Thanksgiving evening at home — snow on the ground outside, the hum of the dishwasher in the kitchen, half-eaten pies on the counter. The “kids” of the family have taken over the living room: my sister, my two brothers, and I. 618 more words


Bitcoin and the Ayn Rand Imagination

This article was originally published at The Atlas Society.

The Atlas Shrugged movie is now accepting Bitcoin to join their web forum, called Galt’s Gulch Online… 973 more words


No, Communism Is Not "A Good Idea In Theory"

The idea that communism is “good in theory, bad in practice” is built on fundamentally bankrupt premises and weakens the fight against this evil ideology. 1,442 more words