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Frederick Douglass said,”It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” We should focus as much on teaching as we do policing in any community, because if it’s not isis, MS13, or the bloods & crips, or even jugallos (yes, I’m serious), it’s some other group capitalizing on the poor, uneducated, angry, isolated people who are more easily swayed by the lure and promise of propaganda. 154 more words


Unavoidable Conclusions: Reasoning & the Role of Identity

Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, delivered a speech in 2001 on the role one’s identity plays in making judgments.  The transcript of this speech was published in the Politics section of the May 15th issue of the New York Times online. 1,795 more words

Political Philosophy

Things are getting thick. 3 weeks and counting.

I have included puppies to compensate for the acrid nature of this post. It has to do with objectivists. Also, 3 weeks until I graduate from Stanford. 672 more words

Philosophy And Science

A Major Discovery: Charles Reznikoff as Witness

EDITED 16.02.15 (see penultimate graf)


Eliot Weinberger’s LRB (see link) essay on Charles Reznikoff (1894-1976) may provoke what has not yet happened: a just appreciation of this forgotten poet’s extraordinary work. 624 more words


Book Review -- RooseveltCare: How Social Security is Sabotaging the Land of Self-Reliance

Most American conservatives, today–however “radical” or “extremist” the political Left calls them–do not openly challenge “big government” in the form of Social Security and Medicare. While some seek a complete repeal of the recent ObamaCare legislation, at most, they want to “reform” these other two programs by a scheme of partial privatization. 587 more words


The Philosophy of Friday the 13th

“His name was Jason… and today is his Birthday”

In my life, and in the life of many, Friday the 13th has played a major part not only as entertainment but as a set of ideas all its own. 1,394 more words

Ayn Ran

Not mentioning "libertarianism in print" and Nazis: Libertarian Block (2000) on Objectivist Schwartz (1986)

Ayn Rand herself had a few choice words about libertarians and I will eventually cover that, but lets focus on Objectivist Peter Schwartz’s 1986 booklet  490 more words