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My boyfriend didn't ask my dad's permission...

It’s been two and a half years since we got married, and I just now realized the significance of my now-husband not asking my father for permission to marry me, or even date me in the first place, as well as not asking his own parent’s for their blessing. 2,450 more words

Day 5 : Formal Bastardization, Experimentation in Lorine Niedecker’s “Fog-thick morning—”

Well, I’m less than a full week into my project and already I’ve given up the ghost. I took Saturday and Sunday off as I took an impromptu trip home to my parents’ and a nice visit to the Camden Aquarium with the whole family—parents, grandparents, siblings, and nieces all aboard. 1,110 more words

Post Christmas Rant: Weaving Two Tales of an Objectivist Christmas

First, a belated Merry Christmas to my few readers!

Today, this first day after Christmas, we are going to be visiting two articles by two Popular Objectivists (one is a semi-successful Randian author (and reads like it) the other is the Grand Pooh-Bah of the orthodox Objectivist movement (the orthodox Objectivist movement is the group of Objectivists that dare not contradict the Grand Pooh-Bah)). 1,389 more words

Machines and Moolah! (The Objectivist & The Vegan)

In this episode, Steven (The Objectivist) and Jack (The Vegan) debate raising the minimum wage, the effects of automation on the American worker, and the concept of a Universal Basic Income! 61 more words

The Objectivist And The Vegan