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Thoughts on audiophile -isms

The debate between the subjectivist and objectivist camps of the audiophile community is probably about as old as the community itself. (Too) much has been written which there’s no need to repeat here, but if you are new to the game there’s an excellent post on this topic by… 428 more words


Steve Ditko saga exposes industry bias: Liberal writers call artist 'mad'

Marvel’s upcoming Dr. Strange movie will undoubtedly attract mountains of media attention — and cash — for the company. What is not likely to get much traction, however, is the story of co-creator Steve Ditko. 1,084 more words


winter waters

Winter’s damp chill,
nestles within my bones
a constant shiver,
it’s rains and water
from a lake overwhelmed and brimming
a constant roar down the river. 39 more words

Is God in the Moral Code of Humanity?

The speculation that moral judgments are psychologically based can clarify why they vary across cultures and prevent transformation by means reasoning, but this is not enough to prove that moral relativism is true. 654 more words

Religion And Philosophy

The Power of Digital Storytelling

“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

Muriel Rukeyser

Comparing how things are said in different languages is definitely a pastime of mine.  Most recently I’ve been fascinated by the English expression “to make sense,” which in Spanish, my mother language, is “tener sentido” and literally translates as “to have sense.” 485 more words



Hello All,

Thank you for coming to my blog!! This is something that I have been wanting to start for quite awhile now, so I am very much excited to start! 454 more words

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