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The big blue
buddy about to
wash away your

dirty secrets.

on him to
freshen filthy



you’re clean.


Evaluation of Sophoclean Plays From the Objectivist Perspective to Evaluate Tragic Inspiration

“The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live.” (“Atlas”) asserts Ayn Rand, the creator of the objectivist philosophy. 4,232 more words

A Foreign Policy False Dichotomy For Neolibertarians And Objectivists To Unify Against

There’s a False Dichotomy on Foreign Policy that Objectivists and Neolibertarians have enough common ground to unite them against.

One thing there is to be very wary of, is the binary black and white thinking out there on foreign policy. 607 more words


Sic Transit

Michele Tosini (1503–1577)



Am I the only one


my neighbour’s

                      frolicksome goat,


            tied to a pecan tree?

All morning

                  it has been examining… 251 more words


George Oppen


In the sense of transparence,
I don’t mean that much can be explained

Clarity in the sense of silence.

—  George Oppen, from “Of Being Numerous: Sections 1-22 (1968) ,” … 11 more words


Thoughts on audiophile -isms

The debate between the subjectivist and objectivist camps of the audiophile community is probably about as old as the community itself. (Too) much has been written which there’s no need to repeat here, but if you are new to the game there’s an excellent post on this topic by… 428 more words


Steve Ditko saga exposes industry bias: Liberal writers call artist 'mad'

Marvel’s upcoming Dr. Strange movie will undoubtedly attract mountains of media attention — and cash — for the company. What is not likely to get much traction, however, is the story of co-creator Steve Ditko. 1,084 more words