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Thank you for coming to my blog!! This is something that I have been wanting to start for quite awhile now, so I am very much excited to start! 454 more words

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Rand was always very proud of the opening of Atlas Shrugged, her disciples in the Collective (the group of mostly college aged men and women who used to gather at her apartment to praise her philosophy and sleep together, part self congratulatory seminar and part orgy) were equally blown away by the novel’s first sentence. 2,097 more words

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Welcome to my blog. Before I start I would like to explain what exactly is going to be happening and why. Firstly what should be obvious from the title, my name is Sam and I am going to be reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. 1,054 more words

Atlas Shrugged

NBC: Video: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Full Interview of Ayn Rand in 1967

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What Ayn Rand was talking about with objectivism what that self-interest or one’s own interest shouldn’t just be first, but the only thing that people should be interested in. 65 more words

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Imouto Shrugged: Mahouka and the Ayn Rand Connection

The 4th episode of The Irregular At Magic High School (or Mahouka for short) caused a burst of internet born drama. Interpretations of the political and ethical implications of… 2,045 more words


PhD workshop on social ontology

Some time ago I published a post on ontology in order to explain why it is important for any research project. There I emphasized the difference between adopting a objectivist and subjectivist ontological position. 624 more words

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Definition of the Day 4/3/14: Objectivism

OBJECTIVISM, n. 1)  A cult ideology combining sociopathy with worship of the only literary inferior of Danielle Steele; 2) The most grandiose excuse imaginable for failure to pay child support. 51 more words