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Day 359 (ish)

June 19th I went into work and I found this on the table. A few months ago I colored this fish and I left it on the table for everyone to sign…then it disappeared. 42 more words

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Cone On The Walk Sign

there was some road resurfacing in the area at the time and I think one of the council workers involve have a bit of fun by putting a safely cone on the pedestrian walk sign.


Week 1, day 3 - June 21st

Wednesday is vault day at Create Camps! Campers looked at a range of objects in our plaza vault, and got to ride the GIANT freight elevator (the highlight of any vault visit). 246 more words


red, red and red once more

red flower from my little garden. but with the dog`s hair on it. ha ha ha.summer is here…nothing seems so real.


The Secret Behind Scribblenauts: Making Objects By Hand (And Lots Of Crunch)

(Source: kotaku.com)

Scribblenauts Unmasked

Back in 2009, a little game called Scribblenauts blew minds across the world with a single ambitious concept: you could make anything. 1,111 more words