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I am under no obligation to be the same person I was five minutes ago.

I tell myself this every day. Multiple times a day. Some days I tell myself this several times in a minute. 301 more words


I have the right to tell my truth


0108 My heart has inspired me with the idea to publish my story as my real self, and to tell my truth to the world. 220 more words

Resentment toward family obligations

2016 Sep 12

2350 doing mte process. The shriveled old man came up, and memories of today and anger. And I felt it behind my sternum and a bit lower down. 470 more words

I feel guilty and I shouldn't.

Man today was kind of  a suck-fest. I woke up late, it was fucking cold all day, I kinda felt like crap and well I really didn’t get shit done like I planned. 195 more words



January 04, 2018

I can hear my mother’s words reverberating in my ear.

“Never forget your father’s mistakes. He made friends with people who loved to spend too much money. 120 more words

the vow

united by gold

bound to her distant fingers

bored until broken

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